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Ooh, TYT Is “Scared!”

February 15, 2017

Jim Webb would have beaten Trump, and the DNC and TYT rushed to erase his campaign. The fault lies with you schmucks. YOU DID THAT! You Ron Pauled the ONE guy who could have beaten Trump. And then you have the GALL to ask your people for MONEY, over and over again…. Nobody owes TYT shit. TYT owes everybody for Helping Trump WIN! Just like the MSM did! How’s that “WAR ON THE DNC” workin out fer ya! Cenk is worth 10 MILLION, you rolling pennies to PAY to subscribe to the Network that contradicts itself, DAILY!

When you MOCK a champion of, by, and FOR the working class and the working poor… who has military bonafides, and can work across party lines to get things done, and celebrate THIS instead:

You have LOST the American people…

And deserve to be as irrelevant, as you have made their interests, aims, and concerns, compared to your worthless agendas you peddle and charge those same people, truly hurting, so that YOU can continue to be exempt from the very same hell you are asking people like her to raise, which punishes ALL OF US, rich, poor, black, white, immigrant and alike.

Your selfish agenda of violence and anarchy for a paycheck, does NOTHING to help the American people. You have given up on the American people, and forsaken yourselves, for a paycheck.


You are NOT a solution…


And until you humble yourself, to speak to the American people and learn their concerns, and make them YOUR OWN, you will continue to be lost to the wilderness of the echoes that you find, that are the symbols of your mind….

The people know who their allies are, and who is speaking to them and speaking out FOR them.

And after Trump, they surely know, who is out speaking…


Enjoy your profitable echo chamber…

The rest of us must find a way to survive, in spite of you…



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