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They Are Entitled To Exactly As Much As I Am Entitled To, In Mexico… Be Brave, Take A Guess…

February 3, 2017

I am disabled. White. Male. I am up for review yearly. Several times this past year, my assistance was eliminated, for weeks, at a time. Three months the longest. While I don’t work. Because the agencies SSA and the state agencies DO NOT COMMUNICATE! The onus is on the disabled person, to give them paperwork, and harass them into getting them what they are OWED! And even then, you may lose your caseworker, or they may go ON PAID VACATION WITH BENEFITS! And you are SHIT OUT OF LUCK! Welcome to HELL! FUCK THE ILLEGALS! They pay NOTHING! They take EVERYTHING! Better the disabled and the military and the elderly, ILLEGALS ARE ENTITLED TO NOTHING!


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