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The Racists/Terrorists/Extremists/Left Decided To “Purge” With The Help Of Berkeley Police & Administration Watching Them Purge & You Are Supposed To Be Afraid Of al Qaeda, Er… Trump…”Got It! Well, Get It, Or ELSE, Buddy!”

February 2, 2017

The Civil Rights Movement Of The ’60’s Has Come Back To Eat Itself…

Inside & Out…

White man/woman = DEAD MAN/WOMAN… And don’t you forget it!!!

It was a Teacher at Berkeley!

Where have I seen this ^ before….


^ This is MY President!

SJW’s, guess what… We fight back, now…. The game has changed! — FWO.


Berkeley, WHY DID YOU LET IT HAPPEN! VIOLENCE, BEATINGS, AND FIRES ARE NOT FREE SPEECH! I guess liberal FASCISTS committing FASCISM against Trump supporters is how you fight FASCISM! Because you have to become your enemy… to defeat…. er, become your enemy…. NO TRUMP SUPPORTER did ANY act of violence. What you see is from LIBERAL DEMOCRATS!!!! They want to be the problem, they want to save us from…. It is the very definition of schizophrenic paranoia and insanity! — FWO.

^ ANOTHER woman assaulted at Berkeley….

— She was wearing A Bitcoin Hat, NOT a Trump hat. But DUMB COCKSUCKER LIBERALS CAN’T READ ENGLISH, because they only learn how to riot, beat people and destroy property in college! — FWO.

Again, this victim was wearing a Bitcoin hat, NOT a Trump hat, Look AGAIN!

^ Welcome to Liberal Fascist America…. Liberals, YOU OWN THIS! This is YOUR MESS!!!

Mr. President…. MORE POLICE NOW!!!

Ahh, the rich with their paid security, mocks the blood of their victims… Satanic!


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