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A Rebuttal To A Vile Shitbag!

January 11, 2017
The most convoluted, contrived, meandering, schizophrenic, antagonistic, dismissive, and petulant screed I have read in a while…. Basically Hunter has to find a new way to blame the people for the rise of Trump, while STILL selling his and his uber allies brand of Repubitarianism, one dollar at a time.
OF COURSE he can’t reason with why people choose Trump over Hillary, the GOP and GOP lite Gary Johnson, so he has to paint them all racists or victims of snake oil salesmen, while telling them if they want redemption, they have to buy HIS snake oil, and that of his friends.
Jack has a monopoly of very little. He has lost the Ron Paulers, by evicting them for the Brand Paulers. He still uses his suck up to the Paul clan as bonafides, while he is one of the BIGGEST enemies of the grassroots GOP and Libertarian movement that is at odds with his capitalizing strictly and exclusively off of the Paul klan. Now Rand, since Ron can no longer be sold to the American people.
He wouldn’t even vote for Trump to defeat Hillary, and SUPPORT the GOP! NO! Instead he protected his brand, his investment and his friends. Admittedly. By voting for Gary Johnson. Who it seemed confused running for President with an ongoing pilot of “Borat, White Guy”
God, do I HATE Jack “The HACK” Hunter…
Almost as much as I hate Cenk Ugyur and his brand of “Borat’s” at The Young Turks.
These people are live virus/succubus…. in human action.
They want to invent something that you believe in, that gives them dominion over you. Freedom on their terms, and always at a price, to you.
Many have made these people rich, but find they, themselves, are still in the shitter..
Trump rightly called them collectively “The Forgotten Man”
All Jack, Ron, and Brand and the rest of their uber allies offered to you, was the same shit, but instead of believing in yourselves, they wanted you to believe only them.
How many of you, lost relationships, didn’t speak to family members, or gave up lovers over this shit…
And what changed for you?
Except you have less money, the same shitty existence, if not worse, and Trump in office.
What Trump exposes is that he was the only one listening TO you, instead of talking AT you!
The Social Justice Warrior left, the media, the establishment conservatives all scorned you and STILL HATE YOU….
But you found a man, who was willing to get bloody and take them on!
He didn’t cower like Ron Paul, he didn’t suck up like Rand Paul, he didn’t throw YOU under the bus… (Like Rand Paul threw Jack ASS under the bus…)
He took YOUR interests, your voice, and your anger, and THREW IT at the GOP and Hillary who GOT YOU IN THIS MESS IN THE 1st PLACE!
Jack can’t understand this because it exposes him for what he is…
A hack, like a Maddow, or Glenn Thrush, or Glenn Beck, et al… that uses your pain and their transgressions against you, then sadistically turns them into a reason for you to HATE your fellow victim, of the wrong ideology, and run to them for intellectual dependence and personal identity and acceptance.
That is the culmination of their evil game.
Invent a self serving philosophy, make yourself into a deity and call everyone who opposes you heretics, no one can be left unconverted or legitimized as acceptable.
Jack and his ilk are selling cages.
Rusted for you, but Golden for them.
They make a handsome profit in telling you how bad you are, what’s wrong with you, and specifically who to hate, and loathe.
They will NEVER take on the powerful, because that is who grants them privilege over you.
The minute they step out of line, they lose everything.
Just look at Jack and HIS KKK sympathies past…
He is DUMB enough to say “Hey I’m not racist, MY AUDIENCE IS, GIVE ME A BREAK!!!”
Jack’s currency is to whip people up, then condemn THEM for HIS SINS!!!
Jack has to cover up for his past by dragging everybody down into it…
He has to condemn EVERYONE! Because that is what the establishment liberal Democrat/GOP expect.
That way they can EXCUSE them screwing the American people over… in the way that Donald Trump ran to STOP! And to CORRECT!
This is BAD for the media. And the left. Their racket is up. They have no other cards to play except racism and calling the weak, “Deplorable” while they party in VA and DC, like Obama just did with celebrities and the press… on YOUR revoked credit card, AFTER they foreclosed on your house, and told you, you had a mental disorder, if you had a problem with it…
This is their private club, WE are their PROPERTY! To be used for their whims, wants and desires, at our expense.
And the minute populism springs up in the form of a Donald Trump that crosses racial lines, political lines, and transcends ideologies or more accurately… social engineering and programming… that individual, associates of that individual, and ANYONE sympathetic to that individual and their cause… MUST BE TAKEN DOWN!
It’s just like that old saying about the mob. “Yeah we fight, we argue, we get cut, shot, and may bleed, but the minute some asshole comes through that door and tries to end our crap game, we unite to KILL THEM!!! and protect our turf!”
You saw a preview of this in the Ron Paul campaign. NONE of it in the Rand Paul campaign. Because Rand Paul wanted an invite to that group.
Trump was the one who told anyone and everyone that, the game has changed. He was gonna change it. And business if it were to continue at all, was gonna serve AMERICA and the AMERICAN people 1st!
This simply will NOT do, for Jack Hunter, Austin Petersen, Michael Nystrom at the Daily Paul (which he ended with the ascension of Rand, to kill Ron Paulers holding him accountable, for his capitulation to be anointed as “The One”), we even see this on the left with Cenk Ugyur, at the Young Turks, and his 180 from supporting Bernie $ander$ to practically BEGGING his audience to vote for Neo-Liberal Hillary Clinton!!!
The left and the right saw the populism of Trump, the nationalism, the appeal to those left behind and never to be seen again, with the demographic bomb, and wanted one final campaign to finish us ALL off!!!
But Trump spoke to the American people, handed the liberal media their hat, the for profit niche Libertarians the back of his hand, and told the mainstream GOP that they would either capitulate, or be destroyed.
And he has done it…
Not even in office, he is taking action to restore jobs back in the country for economically depressed areas, in “flyover country,” that doesn’t matter nor exist to the establishment liberals, conservatives and the loathsome press.
Hillary called us “Deplorable” and she lost.
Trump called us “The Forgotten Men and Women of America”
Jack “The HACK” Hunter STILL calls us racist!
Just like Hillary… “the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic… you name it…”

Jack won’t even be polite and call us “Deplorable.” He has to call us the most toxic label he can think of… Racist!
He admittedly is THAT desperate to defend his turf, and his “family” of “the chosen ones…” with “the right attitudes” for people in DC and Virginia.
In retrospect, he should just call us by the name he got in trouble for calling other people he didn’t like, back in the day…
This is the utter despicableness of the troubled, pathetic mind, of the hopelessly limited mental capacities of one Jack Hunter.
Why can’t he be content to count your money, hustle those who wish to be hustled, and leave the rest of us “Deplorable” Americans, of ALL races, creeds, and colors… in PEACE!
Because that is the kind of person Jack “THE HACK” Hunter, truly IS!
THANK ALMIGHTY GOD! That America has left him, and those like him BEHIND!
I for one am GLAD Jack Hunter does NOT represent America!
Thankfully Donald Trump stepped forward, took down the “Queen of the Mob”, and will use the force of America, to help the American people, NOT ONE excluded!
Well… Maybe…. JUST ONE…
Named, Jack Hunter!

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