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Entitled, Racist, Liberal CUNTS!

January 10, 2017

What’s complex about blaming everything on racism and sexism TYT, John, Ana, take YOUR OWN GOD DAMN ADVICE, you hypocritical FUCKTARDS!

Check out Ana’s racism at the 7:00 mark..
Psst… she married a bartender, you know the guy who keeps Cenk, and Jimmy, and her drunk before they go on camera.
TYT don’t like it when minorities get “uppity”
What entitled, racist…. CUNTS!
People should be protesting TYT instead of Trump.
More black Americans believe Trump than work for, or watch, TYT.
Surprised they didn’t ask new hire, off-white brother Shaun King to “contribute” to this white on white racist, hate, drivel…



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