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Same Shit, Different Hole

December 30, 2016

^ Same As Trump — Clinton advocated for a health care system that “treats the whole patient” and “reaches every American community.” She said there should be efforts to form partnerships between public health departments, health care systems and community-based organizations. She stressed that mental health care should be incorporated with all other aspects of patient care, and that efforts should be made to “ensure that mental health care is not siloed.”

SAME Shit, different hole

Cue FAKE outrage!!!

This is Democracy….

This is Capitalism.

This is Fascism.

Did you notice THIS:

Remember when this was a “Conspiracy Theory”

I will give up disability, I will kill myself… Before I ever take a microchip…

Thankfully, it will now be much easier to kill me…

After all, the disabled are already poor…

Fitting that government would “Purge” the weak, 1st…

But remember, when they kill me…

Who is NEXT…

Remember, boys and girls, TRUST your Government… OR ELSE!

Yes Virginia, implantable chips cause cancer…,8599,1672865,00.html


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