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IDK How This Turd Got My Email, Begging Me To Make Him A Millionaire

December 29, 2016

Now we need your help building the media this country desperately needs. TYT is trying to hire another investigative reporting team. Right now, we’re about halfway to our goal. If everyone reading this email contributes just a few bucks right now, we’ll be able to announce a brand new reporting team to cover the important issues that matter to you.

Can you make a $27 contribution to get us to the $1 million mark so we can hire our second investigative reporting team? The only way we can meet this goal is if everyone gives a little bit.

Contribute »

Look, a million dollars might sound like a crazy amount of money. But some of these big mainstream corporate news networks are paying their anchors $10 or $15 million per year. We’re not asking for that. All we need is $500k and that gets us a reporter plus the cameras and crew to follow them around the country.

We’ve already broken so many major news stories with just one reporter in the field — Jordan Chariton. Now, since you got us over the $500k mark, we’ve hired Shaun King and Nomiki Konst. If everyone gives just a little bit — like the price of your morning coffee — we’re going to be able to announce another investigative team.

And these teams won’t be sitting around and listening to Capitol Hill gossip. They’ll be investigating Trump. They’ll be looking into what the donors are giving and why. They’ll be uncovering injustice and exposing corruption.

But in order for us to make all this happen, we need everyone to give just a little bit. Make a contribution of $27 or more right now and we’ll finally be building the media this country needs and deserves.

I’m so grateful to all of you in the TYT army who have given so much already. What we’re building together is extraordinarily powerful, and I’m so proud to have all of you by my side.


Cenk Uygur


He is burning it down, and begging you for money to put out the fire…

Are you gonna fall for it, after Bernie and Hillary milked you dry, and gave you President Trump…. — FWO.


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