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The Bipartisanship Of Turning Poverty Into Slavery

December 24, 2016

This is not new…

Workfare is just unpaid slave labor making you “pay” for benefits you were already taxed for…

You were already taxed for Social Security, now, poor and in need, you are expected to PAY for that assistance.

To pay for your social worker.

While the rich get to be exempt.

And get to keep their money.

You pay for the job program.

Where there is NO job!

You pay the 16/hr caseworker, who eliminates your food stamps for weeks, even months at a time, due to “clerical error,” and YOU have to tell them, what you haven’t received, and for how long…

And wait “for the system to catch up…”

While your caseworker goes on vacation, or you are given to another caseworker, to start the application process all over again… and somehow, you are expected to eat. And to pay bills, with… NOTHING!

THEN the government, and the “taxpayer” which INCLUDES YOU!!! tells you, they think you should have to work, for nothing, just to get food stamps.

Even if that nothing is, sweeping at the sanitation department 10 hrs a wk.

Wasting time.

Being unproductive, but “with a purpose.”

Well, excuse me if I am not grateful enough, while you help me on your terms. Which is to say, not at all.

No job training, just looking for jobs online, which you were already doing at home.

Now, you have to do it several hrs a day, per week, and turn in your “work” sheet. Of not working…

Got a job interview?

Better not interfere with the “job search” online at the employment center…

Nor your two days sweeping at the Sanitation Dept.

And this they call “help.”

You are better off working odd jobs, in cash. Off Craigslist. Than taking a government handout with handcuffs, and shackles.

But there is Justice.

The more people on the dole, the more the taxpayers are squeezed dry, to the point where they will become too expensive to be employed. Then they TOO, will be put under the Boot of the state!

Then, they will see the injustice they created, but it will be too late for them, and their family.


Just help them, allow them to focus on getting work, and they will. And get off the dole.

But instead, contracts are drawn up with private companies to administer Workfare, and try to get people off the rolls. So they rush to get you nothing, temp work, and when that falls through, they stall getting you back on the rolls, so they can get their bonuses.

It’s reverse welfare, where the employed are leeching off the poor, and using them as a pretext to accumulate wealth at the expense of people in poverty.

It’s sadistic.

But this is what passes for humanitarian in capitalism. Crony capitalism. Where the state plays favorites and tries to ensure guaranteed profits for their investors, and high salaries for the facilitators…

It’s just the poor who are left out, and cut off, and harassed, ignored and neglected….

But surely that is preferable to just being poor, with no help, and having to make it on their own…

Oh wait!





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