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Headline: She STILL LOST!!!

December 20, 2016

Rigging the vote has consequences…

This I would debate… I think Trump would have beaten Bernie in debates on several issues. Especially creating jobs. Something Trump has done, and Bernie has never had to. Since he has been taking a paycheck from government literally his entire life.

This is the main reason I do not care, and could give a shit about Hillary’s whiny posse`of violent bigots.

Running up the score in one big state, means that state would direct policy for the entire country! That is EXACTLY why the electoral college was implemented, to give the states representation so that they would NOT secede from the Union!

Let alone the fact that in California, ANYBODY can vote, citizen or not!

This means that Hillary is relying on voter FRAUD, to question the Trump victory.

Popular Vote 2016: How California Drove Hillary Clinton’s Lead

Simply put, the left have NO argument…

They can bully and insult all they wish.

But TRUMP WON, fair and square.

He played by the rules and he WON!

Hillary didn’t, and she STILL LOST!

THAT is why Democrats are DESPERATE to RIG THE GAME!




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