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Useless Idiots…

December 14, 2016

They don’t understand economics. Their polices like 15 min wage encourage automation and permanent unemployment. They don’t care about the poor. They care about using them as a pretext to make a living off of harassing those with capital, and those without it, who want it, and don’t want to live under government control. Where they are told to sacrifice for the greater good, in this case MILLIONAIRE politicians, and the interest groups that FUND them. They want the people’s welfare, to go to them and their cronies. What is the difference if it’s the left cronies or the right cronies, either way the American people are STILL SCREWED! BTW, I don’t see the poor and the working class appointing white privilege, subsidized college brats to speak for them. I thought that white people speaking in the name of black people, was RACIST! But I guess RACISM is ok if you mean well… WTF!

They are trying to keep their real privilege of a government, tax payer funded education, and it’s private resort perks, while telling everyone else that they have to give up, what they have, because they didn’t “earn” it…

In this economy, most people see this as retarded, and rightly so…


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