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More Fearmongering About Social Security

December 14, 2016

The Democrats voted for the wars…. SS should be means tested. They have to raise the retirement age. Because people are living LONGER! It never was intended to support you for 20 years. 5-10 at best. You don’t understand the purpose of SS. It was meant to help old people and disabled who can’t work. Many people I worked with were working ON TOP of collecting SS. THAT IS ROBBING THE TAXPAYERS JACKASS! But you WON’T do a video on THAT! Cuck!

Social Security was never meant to last for 20-30 years… The problem isn’t the money, the problem is we are living too long, and the number of people paying in, is low. Thanks to demographics and unemployment.

The longer unemployed you are, the LESS the government has to pay you for Social Security. Because it’s based on your earnings…

So corporations have an incentive to outsource and automate… and the government gets to not invest anything into you, since YOU have to fund your own retirement or unemployment. And if you get unemployment, they get to take that out of Social Security as well…

Social Security is like playing blackjack at the casino, the house always wins, because they cover their bets. And if you can’t afford to cover your bets, they bring the mob to take their pound of flesh.

As Cenk likes to say: “Of COURSE!!!”

Now the GOP wants you to pay for your worthless degree, with NO JOB, by cutting your Social Security… Do you get it, yet! BOTH PARTIES want what you paid in… they want it BACK!


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