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Andrew Breitbart Would Be Proud

December 14, 2016

I was at this. His best one, I’ve ever seen. I fully agreed with everything he tried to say, despite the interruptions. And I didn’t expect to. Awesome! Thank you for coming to the People’s Undemocratic Republic of Milwaukee. Did you notice that they tried to stop people from freely assembling, discussing and sharing ideas. The police used to raid gay clubs, until the gays rioted in Stonewall in 1969, in California. Now, the left has gone from demanding the right to assemble and be themselves, to demanding that nobody they disagree with can ever assemble, speak freely, and communicate among like minded people they agree with. The tragic irony is not lost on me… LOVE YOU MILO! Thank you for coming to Milwaukee….. When they leave the indoor campus with the heated pools, game rooms, fast food down the hall, BC for free and everything else for free, and have to PAY for everything they expect to have, and have to work to have anything, they will learn for themselves what you were trying to say… They have Deaf Ears, perhaps from all the shouting. Bless you! It was an honor to see you speak.


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