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Why “Get The Money Out Of Politics” Is Pointless

December 11, 2016

We hear blowhard liberals who don’t believe in religion preach daily about the need to “Get The Money Out Of Politics…”

As the article rightly states, this is bullshit.

But what’s the harm?

Well proposing a Constitutional Amendment would be very difficult.

And under the status quo, nearly impossible to pass.

But the real danger is it would set a precedent that goes beyond the Supreme Court, which has already ruled in the “Citizens United” case that people can contribute money to political organizations for advocacy….

We know from the Campaign Finance Reform bill that exemptions and privileges will be extended to the already powerful, and a crackdown on the grassroots, people who cannot afford to lobby congress, but barely can afford to start a political organization without spending all their resources on paperwork and legal fees, that the rich simply, buy their way out of… will occur, yet again…

Think of what happened to the Tea Party movement the moment they had to register as a non-profit.

Where are the tea party members now?

Intimidated by the self serving political process to stay silent.

Now let’s take this a step further and say in the name of getting money out of politics, we crack down even further on these groups, who have already left.

Who will be next?

And you can bet the people who lobby at the top, to get exemptions and waivers, will get the same kind of exemptions and waivers that groups like “ got in the Campaign Finance Bill.

The money they want to get out, is YOUR money.

The money they want unlimited access too, is the Corporate contributions and money from outside the US.

So, in short… The corporations and the media, want to cut OUT the influence from American citizens, but exempt groups like, and take in unlimited amounts of money from foreign lobbyist/agents, like the Clinton administration did from Communist China in the ’90’s, even AFTER passing the Campaign Finance Reform Bill, that was meant to STOP these kind of contributions in the 1st place!

So we know from the past, that government will use the pretext of “Get the money out of politics” to find ways to cut you out of the political process, and let corporations and foreign governments dictate policy, campaign positions, and new laws, from whoever wins the election.

Just like Campaign Finance Reform, ANY legislation that passes, will go through corporate lobbyist, 1st. Or they will just simply have lobbyist write the bill, they won’t even read, before voting….

So, in effect, getting money out of politics, in addition to the restrictive campaign finance laws, puts the corporate media, and corporate America as the political process, cutting out the people, entirely.

If they take your money out of politics, they already have taken you out of the political process, making you a bystander.

Further restricting the ability for people to contribute money to candidates and causes they advocate, in effect exiling the People from the concept of Democracy itself.

So when you hear diatribes about how we need to get the money out of politics….

Keep in mind, who is asking for your money…. to support, power to decide, where your money… GOES!!!

Somebody actually found a way, to make money off of getting money out of politics, you think he’s the ONLY one… chomping at the bit….

Look at Washington, look who writes the bills, look who votes on those bills, and then think AGAIN!

Please don’t be conned out of your last dollar, by people whose stated goal and endgame is the final destruction of Democracy in America….

From that, all history teaches us, is that if they succeed, it only gets worse for us, from here…

And here, for most of us, is bad enough…


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