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TYT: Accountability Is For Suckers!

December 10, 2016


Comment: “wait your argument is: “Shut up because the DNC does it too?!?” When was Cenk on the DNC’s side, he doesn’t want the DNC to do it either, Cenk just rightly points out that Trump isn’t draining the swamp”

FWO: ” Cenk endorsed Hillary. Stabbed Bernie in the back, but then he sold u out. So it’s time to rally behind Nancy Pelosi… W…T…F… TYT?!!!”

Comment: ” Everything you just said is total bullshit try again”

REFUSING TO ACCEPT REALITY: WATCH! “I’m gonna vote FOR Hiliary Clinton” — Cenk Ugyur   —

Comment: “Umm, Cenk was on Bernie’s side until Bernie himself bowed out of the race. How is that “stabbing Bernie in the back”?

Where does he say to rally behind Nancy Pelosi? All of TYT have been pushing for new leadership of the DNC.Yes, Cenk voted for Hilary because of the alternatives presented in the general election (not the primaries) were worse (Trump, lesser extent Johnson) or extremely unlikely (Stein and Johnson).”

FWO:  ^ see video: “Vote for Hillary…” (the neo-liberal he warned us about)  the only person holding the Democrats accountable is Jimmy, and Cenk, Ana, and John won’t allow that on TYT. Cenk is FOS, Jimmy is right… The Democrats own Trump. They did this.”

Comment: “I’m Canadian so I didn’t vote in the American election.

I concede Jimmy has been the most vociferous of the TYT crew against Hilary, but to say Cenk, John and Ana were enthusiastic supporters is factually incorrect. Their position throughout their videos was to vote for her as a lesser of two evils. Heck, compare their attitude towards Hilary in comparison to Ben and Michael. They were both far more forgiving or supportive of Hilary.”

FWO: “Okay, Hitler or Stalin, and you are Jewish, so Stalin by default, right. To quote Hitlery, “What difference does it make…” If you live by govt. you DIE by govt. because sometimes govt. is Trump. The problem with TYT is they are bitching about the outcome, but not the process… you either condemn corruption or you endorse it, Jimmy is the only one not endorsing it. And when he doesn’t he’s on his own separate from TYT. That, I do have a problem with… Cenk is trying to have it both ways, and censor true Progressivism. Even on TYT and there is no reason for it. Nevermind that he never has anybody on, who disagrees with him. That implies a shallowness that is a fundamental weakness… He is choosing to limit his audience by silencing debate. Remember the election night coverage…. Total advocate. Therefore discredited….”

Comment: “You realize Cenk started an organization to get money out of politics, right? Not only is he talking about it in numerous videos, but he is taking ACTION.

He’s had numerous people on who disagree with him. He’s interviewed Breitbart and Alex Jones, and Sam Harris as examples and got into huge arguments with them. You yourself brought up Jimmy Dore as someone who disagrees with him. Jimmy Dore is a regular on the show! I contend they both agree on the principals but they disagree on how to fight the system. Cenk leans more towards utilizing the system to get to the desired result. Jimmy is more militant. Nevertheless, they want the same outcome!”

FWO: “Oh Lord…. ”

Jimmy only gets to disagree on his separate channel. John is furniture, and Ana is his muscle… why he needs a woman to be his enforcer, I’ll never know, that is for Freud to decide…

You don’t fight the system by endorsing Hillary Clinton who stole the nomination from Bernie $ander$….

Cenk said he would “GO TO WAR” with the Democrats… and now he has to get behind Pelousy! And beg Bernie to run when he’s 80!

NO! The Democrats need NEW blood, Cenk refuses to hold them accountable. Letting Jimmy vent on a seperate channel is him cowardly having it both ways, and giving people like you ammo to defend him for throwing YOU to the Wolf PAC, so he can charge you for the same ol’ “get in LINE” tribal politics….


But at least you are as proud as you are ARROGANT, just like your master, Cenk, on his ideological plantation that he expects YOU to PAY to be a member for…. !!!



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