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Fake News: “What Difference Does It Make?!!”

December 10, 2016

What is the difference between a newspaper editorial, an opinion editorial, and a blog…. NOTHING!
Think about that…
Different formats, same principle.
Now how does a newspaper, or a newscaster, who gets information from sources with agendas, differ from the common man, who gets information from multiple sources and formats, from similar if not identical sources.
The MSM’s fight isn’t with the information… people have at their disposal.
It is with the conclusions they are drawing from that information, independent of the will of the sources, and the publishers, producers, and network executives….
There is no difference in content from Breitbart and the New York Times. Hell the sites link to MSM articles, to the point that the MSM is pissed they are not being compensated for use of their own material from bloggers, and websites.
It’s the conclusions, the other half of the story that is SO dangerous to the corporate agenda, and is the greatest threat to the corporations because it gives context, to show the people how and in what way they are being exploited, and for whose ends.
The media and the politicians don’t want you empowered to make your own decisions. They want you to be afraid with irrational fears, so you consent to whatever they have already decided to do, to benefit themselves and their cronies, at your expense… To FUCK you over!
Trump by using the media to talk to you directly, fucked that up.
This is why they hate Trump.
And they hate you just as much.
Because now, they don’t know if they can get done, what they already planned to benefit themselves.
So, when you see the irrationality in the media, and from partisans online, recognize it for what it is…
They are scared that they don’t know, just like you don’t know, and haven’t known for a long time, what is coming next.
For some of us it’s a DAMN good feeling…
And this motherfucker is going to sit back, enjoy it, and give back 10X the amount of BS that gets thrown in my direction.
That is freedom…
So many seemed to have forgotten what that feels like.

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