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Jim Webb Was Robbed… As Were We All..

December 10, 2016

Russia predicted this:

Jim Webb was the only person who talked about this, and he was silenced immediately.

Webb was the only person speaking out against the Cultural Marxism of the Left and his party…

At this point, the only criticism from the left I am willing to listen to, regarding Trump, is from Jim Webb. The media, and the rest of them, have discredited themselves. They need new blood, somebody like a  Bill Clinton,

or a Jim Webb, to speak to the poor, and the working poor and the shrinking middle class in this country, and they are telling me with a straight face that a guy who will be 80 in 2016 will save the country, and be President until he is 88 fucking years old…

This is just like in Communist Russia when their leaders kept dying on them, because they went with the next corpse in line, i.e. Hillary/Bernie. The Democrat party needs to find their Gorbachev…. YOUNGER!!!! PLEASE!!!! They have nobody to run in 2020… their leadership is too old, and they hardly have leadership in Congress or state government. THAT is the legacy of Obama/Hillary, they destroyed the Democrat party, and their cult insists on destroying it, permanently.

All Trump has to do, is play ball with the moderate Dems who are afraid they will lose, through obstruction, and pass a few things, and he will succeed. Because the Democrats have self immolated. They can save their party, and be a relevant party by fighting for the poor and the working man, but they don’t want their votes, because they can’t push their buttons. Since they care about REAL things, that can put them to work, and put food on the table! That is as bad as it has gotten for the Democrat party….

The same media that erased Jim Webb, and hated Andrew Breitbart, is the same media that is calling you names, and pitting you against your neighbor, in a battle to grovel for scraps, you already paid for, so they can live off of the wealth you created with your labor, your intellect, and your contribution, that no longer exists, because the people the media serves, decided other people deserved it more than you, because they were more obedient, and followed what they were told, hated who they were told to hate, and protected the establishment at all costs, from people like you. Who don’t matter.

Principles don’t matter, values don’t matter, ethics are subjective and meant to be situational to personal advantage, making them no longer ethics… words have no meaning, truth doesn’t exist, it much be manufactured, created and engineered and re-in engineered to fit the ever changing will of the prevailing order of the day.

“Only the disciplined mind can see reality, Winston. You believe that reality is something objective, external, existing in its own right. You also believe that the nature of reality is self-evident. When you delude yourself into thinking that you see something, you assume that everyone else sees the same thing as you. But I tell you, Winston, that reality is not external. Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else. Not in the individual mind, which can make mistakes, and in any case soon perishes: only in the mind of the Party, which is collective and immortal.”  Orwell “1984”

The working man, like Webb, has no patience for this, because they rightly see, like Breitbart, that it does nothing to help them, pay their bills, put food on the table, and give them a sustainable standard of living.

The farmer doesn’t make excuses when the crop doesn’t yield, he finds something else to grow, with the change in the season.

Expecting something to exist in the abstract, that is in conflict with nature, is a recipe, for crushing disappointment, again and again.

And now, a science of scapegoating has been invented, that allows the slaves of emotion and not intelligence, assembling to yell and do nothing, rather than to do meaningful work, to create, to contribute to, provide a necessary service to society…

This science of scapegoating and blame-storming and virtue signaling, that we see from the press, and these non-profit, Astro-turf, media klans, is simply Cultural Marxism.

How can we expect a Jim Webb to have a place in that arena…

They are not even on the same planet!

Webb spoke directly to the issues the “Aggrieved Left,” champions…

But not in the soft way they expect.

They felt entitled to blame Trump supporters, which they did

many who did vote… TWICE… for… Barack Obama…

They wanted that message to come from the voice from the right race, the right gender, even though half of them went for an even older white male, who trafficked completely in identity politics.

Webb was too conventional because he had common sense, would work across the aisle, and had some things he refused to compromise on, like foreign policy.

He called a terrorist, a terrorist. Hillary and Bernie called them their base, and instead tried to call white America, police, and the middle class, and especially the resentful white poor, most of all, the preeminent Terrorist of America. (watch that video link, again until it sinks in) The living embodiment of “White al Qaeda” that the media and the Liberals assure us IS out there… But haven’t done a GOD DAMN THING! while American’s of all races, keep getting attacked by Muslims, immigrants, and Black Americans who see justice as reciprocal violence.

The Democrat party even wants to bring MORE refugees from the HELLHOLES of the world to the US, like in Europe, and wants to take your right to self defense away, and turn it into a cellphone call, that you hope doesn’t drop, while you wait for the cops to show up.

Meanwhile we send arms to Mexican drug gangs, and let them rob, rape, torture and kill all they like, inside America, because knowing who is coming into our country, is racism.

I guess we should instead do like Germany and provide free clothing, medical care, food and shelter for them all, and apologize when some spit in our face, and throw the food in the trash because it’s not in accordance with Islamic Law…

If this is Hillary’s America…

It’s no wonder voters chose Donald Trump’s America, instead.

If you wanted the message of Donald Trump, in the right package.

You HAD it, in Jim Webb…

But the Democrats instead of listening to the message, chose to dismiss the messenger, because he didn’t look like them, or speak their language.

If anything, this election has proven that the Democrat reactionary Left, doesn’t know how to talk to the American people, and after what went down with the Campaign of Jim Webb, being memory-holed, out of the gate, and the re-election of Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader, it sure as HELL doesn’t care to…

Jim Webb tried to save America from disintegration… and the Democrats insisted it continue.

Now instead of America, it is the Democrat party that is disintegrating under the septuagenarian, corporate $ellout leadership of Clintonites like Pelosi, and establishement revolutionaries in their own minds, like Bernie $ander$.

Jim Webb’s common sense and compassion for all Americans… was the dying gaul of a sold out, hopelessly corrupt, and painfully out of touch Democrat party, that chose Corporate America and Globalism over the American people, and especially the American worker.

He was the last person, who had the Audacity to pull the party back from the brink of the calamity it has become, the leading  Pied Piper of Cultural Marxism, to transform back from what it has become, into the party of “Nope.”

(Remember Barack Obama, “Yes We Can” vs. John McCain “No, You Can’t”)

Well the Dims have become the party of John McCain…

No change, no control of the House, the Senate, nothing to do except propose bills that will die in Congress, just the the Republicans did, in indefinite irrelevance.

All that is left for them to do is Shout at the American people through the media, and obstruct.

But the problem is, the people elected Trump to get things DONE for them! And gave him the tools to do so.

So in fighting Trump, to seem relivant to raise money from the people they already sold the American people out, to attend to, the Democrat party has a credibility, and a relevance problem. If people want to get things done, they don’t need the Democrats.

Obama has continued the practice of the Unconstitutional unitary executive that began under W. Bush with Presidential Directive 51.

Sorry to break it to the left, but we don’t live in a post-fact America, we live in an Unconstitutional, unrestricted, corporately owned and occupied government.

And now ALL that power that Obama used to sideswipe Congress, in now in the hands of Donald Trump.

But Democrats didn’t want the America that Jim Webb and I grew up in…

… and they made sure of that by nominating Corporate candidate Hillary Clinton

And Freaking the FUCK out, when she LOST!

Now, they can’t even control their own narrative…

Keep up the fight, Jim Webb…

America still needs you…!!!


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