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The Game Has Changed

December 9, 2016

The only way to be Anti-Establishment now, is to not be left. The only way to have passionate beliefs is to not be centrist. Merge those two, with a media and establishment forcing your neighbors to call you names, because you reject their extremism, and you have why Trump won.

You have higher education teaching children, how to remain children. And that just by yelling in a group, and throwing a tantrum, they don’t have to do things, that we all have to do.

You have teachers, who have remained children, and seek the company of those children. In some cases, having children, with those children…

You have administrators, and head’s of university, bringing in professional agitators and organizers, to do what? Piss people off, and scapegoat others, for the failures of the infantile.

You have media, who interrupt and mock, people of substance, trivialize complex issues into “fart jokes” and insult culture… and only allow those who agree with them to discuss how they agree with each other, and how everybody who doesn’t, can be reduced to an epithet….

You have compassionate bleeding hearts, who have no problem harassing the man, woman or family on the street, based on externalities, personal biases and assumptions, but these same people won’t open their doors to the criminals across the culture, they exalt, above us all.

Instead of competency, compassion, empathy, and expertise, instead we see from the left, a kind of obnoxious hypocrisy.

Where they are experts on feelings, and judgement against those who try to kill their self esteem.

How can you get anything done?

How can progress be made, when progress is the chief threat to victim culture. And self victimization, designed as scapegoating, only those who it is politically correct to scapegoat.

And who are we scapegoating? Those with the means to do the most good.

Yes, they could be more philanthropic, but thanks to weaponized tax policy, it’s more advantageous to take the write off. Or take money out of the country.

There is something ethically wrong with taking half of what anybody owes.

If you were to have a tax policy ethically, which already is an oxymoron, you would have to proportionally tax the same amount relative to income. And everybody would have to be taxed, so they had a stake in where the money was spent. Consider it the “tithing” principle.

I don’t see these people arguing against inflation or a devalued currency, or market manipulation, cronyism, or legalized commercialization of law and policy-making.

What I do see, is groups of people, being grouped by identity, self imposed or culturally. Demanding their exemptions from what everybody else must be subjected to.

They only want, what is on their terms.

Just like the Muslims who torch shelters, burn furniture and spit on the food they are given because it is not in accordance with Islamic Law, i.e. their terms!

Do you see the parallel with the Adolescent Left and the Radical Muslim Extremists?!!

Both cultures want society to bend to their terms. Even when they are the minority, like the liberals are in the country here, or the Muslims in Europe/EU countries.

This radical Anti American spirit where outsiders come in, get shelter, food, health care, and then decide they don’t want it, and would rather use what is in front of them, to oppress everyone around them, who they suddenly HATE!

It is no different in colleges today, where children who are supposed to go to college to learn things they don’t agree with, and learn skills that can help them work, and contribute to society, a society that is largely in opposition to their views, but instead decide to create the education they want, to reaffirm their value and the principle of ignorance as virtue, and arrogance as proof that they are as entitled to the extent that they are unjustly offended, and even… OPPRESSED!

That is the reality now.

Now if you have the wrong opinion, you can lose your job, or should lose your job.

If you believe in religious values, you are a bigot and deserve to be punished or at least scorned, in some cases, even arrested.

If you speak to more than one person at a time you can be put on the internet or demonstrated against, with your comments taken out of context, even edited, or excluded, with characterizations of what you said, passed as truth.

The underlying principle of all of this is, people in society demand that other people be subjected to the standards of others, even if those standards are not even carried out, by the people enforcing them.

The principle of Democracy is that people pick their leaders, the people pick who makes the laws.

Now, what activists would have you believe is that there aren’t enough laws, and in addition to more, we need speech codes, and corrective measures to enforce a certain kind of acceptable behavior.

Do we have a say in what behavior is acceptable, NO! The thinking has been done for us. We are just there to accept it, and practice it, OR ELSE!

And the extent of the power over the people, can be determined and measured by the number of absurdities and abuses of logic, one is subjected to, over time.

It is these absurdities, that have led to a visceral reaction in the hearts and minds of the outsiders–of the norm setters. Those who set the agenda, argue for the agenda, and impose the agenda, while manufacturing consent through media and socialization, and leading the attacks, verbally and physically, against the heretics of the New Age.

Religion teaches us that man is the embodiment of failure, and constantly failing to meet the highest standards, and highest personal standards, and that belief in something outside of ourselves is what gives life meaning.

The establishment would have us believe that simply believing in ourselves, and validating ourselves, and endlessly virtue signaling to those like us, and staying home, on the net, or out with a closed circle of people who think exactly the same, and anybody not like me, must be evil, unless they can be reduced to a caricature of some value that can give them virtue, some externality, that completely avoids the who, that is, that person.

That would be too complex.

Instead it has to be where you were born, what color you are, what gender you are, who you have sex with, what you have sex with, what socially acceptable vices you have, how much you appreciate people you don’t know, and how much you believe in what you don’t understand, and don’t care to understand, but REALLY believe in it!!! How much you ignore those around you since no one gave you a reason to notice them or pay attention to them… Everything matters about you, EXCEPT YOU, yourself.

You are supposed to lose yourself to your role in society, that people smarter than you have mapped out for you. You follow the rules, you follow the path, or we will forget about you. And you will be on your own…

Well, it has gotten so bad, that most people now, CHOOSE to be alone!

In fact  they DEMAND that everyone leave them alone.

They talk back to the TV, comment on FB, write letters to magazines and papers, and blog…

They want to be free to be who they are, associate with who they care to, ignore who they wish, and practice their virtue in private, without having to impose it on anyone.

Instead, they are being told that they must be something else, some virtual shell of a human being, whose attributes must always change.

They are shamed for associating with people of different backgrounds or views, and mere debate has become heresy.

If they can’t control who is on TV telling them what to do, they can turn them off, or go to where they feel people are like them, and have the same invested, or more precisely, the same to LOSE!

They are shown that the most private and precious things in life, don’t matter unless they are public. All your love, all your hate, all your success, all your failings, MUST be for public consumption, you can even get rich off of it.

It is no longer the community or the church that sets the standard for humanity, it is the network. The TV, the net, the celebrity, the news reader, the PR advocate, everybody except the individual themselves.

Maybe people finally had a chance now that the cable has been disconnected, the car has been repo’d, the house has been foreclosed on, the education didn’t pan out, the job fell through, and the bills keep on coming, with bigger and bigger RED letters, each time…

Maybe people have tuned out all the noise, and have FINALLY  been forced to confront the fact that, their life SUCKS! And all of these people telling them what to think, what is right, what is wrong, and what to do with their lives, are ALL FULL OF SHIT!

Maybe they get it, that those people get money, status and EXEMPT from the HELL they have to put up with on a day to day basis, paying bills with money you don’t have, arguing with the social worker over the cut in food stamps, getting the kids clothes for school, paying for more things that the school used to give you, paying more for government, and getting less and less in return, when you need it more now, than you ever have before…

Maybe now the people get it that they have been CONNED!!! And they don’t buy the lies anymore… that everything is ok, as long as they keep buying stuff (clearly it isn’t, because they can’t) and if they just do what they are told, they will be able to avoid, the situation they find themselves in right now…

The wire has been snapped… People see the mask of government for what it is, and it’s endless stream of cheerleaders for the establishment, and they are in revolt.

Using the only tools they have. Their attention and their will.

They are dropping TV, and opting for the internet.

They are ignoring all of the pretty people, the arrogant people, the know it all people, who tell us how things are great, if they aren’t it’s not so bad, and how it will get better, because the people who created the mess, are STILL in charge!


The people have had it with that broken promise…

They chose to put new management in, and are hoping for the best, but ready to fight, if it gets much worse.

The very thing Trump is doing, in taking on, these people, is he is giving the people hope, that war is not inevitable, and that society can be restructured to be the servant of the man, instead of the opposite.

Media gets mad, that jobs stay in America, the people tune them out.

Those people had somebody stand up for them.

After 8 years of a President saying they were on their own, and had to make their own way, unless they were a crony or somebody who was up for being exploited. And pimped out, by the establishment.

The people aren’t gonna take it anymore, now that Trump has given them a reason to expose how corrupt, how rigged and how impossible it is for the common man to have upward mobility, and America to sustain it’s middle class.

The left see’s life as a struggle between the haves and the have not’s. And that by externalities, your fate can be determined. With rights turned into privileges, subject to unquestioned obedience.

Well, the people were obedient, and those rights and privileges evaporated.

They see it was a RAW deal. And now they demand a NEW deal.

Trump is offering that to them. And they are so desperate for anything that they are willing to let him try, on the off chance that something might work, and they can be saved from oblivion…

The left is right, we are selfish.

But the virtue of selfishness, is what gives people the motivation for self preservation.

As the have not’s have increased, the haves have become leery…

They don’t trust Trump.

They hate populism.

They hate everything this country stands for, that created a middle class, and eliminated the caste system of Ancient Times.

The people were left, with their backs against the wall, and all they had left to use was their Trump card.

And they used it.

The elites have told us, it’s survival of the fittest, every man for himself, and every man has a right to act in their own self interest”

The people paid attention, learned how the game was played, and how they were being played, and used this system against itself, to give them Donald Trump.

The most selfish man, egotistical and unpredictable bastard the world has ever known.

They see in Trump, a reflection of themselves.

A man whose will, is only rivaled by his sense of what he deserves.

The people think they deserve better than the RAW deal they have been forced to live with, in this new reality.

To change that, they chose a reality tv star, to bind his will for something better, something he felt he deserved, and earned through his own will….

Now, all the American people ask, is the chance at the same opportunity to contribute, that Trump wanted for himself.

Yes, Donald Trump and America are a unique match.

Same desires, same ethics, same enemies…

This is not Donald Trump’s America as the media likes to proclaim to make you afraid.

America, IS Donald Trump.

For all the good, all the bad, all the work ethic, all the flaws, all the insecurities, all of the arrogance and vanity, and ego.

On the global stage, America is the Donald Trump of the world.

For better, or for worse.

He is THE man, for our time in history.

No matter if people try bring him down. The same people who put him in, will put him back up.

The media and the left will not define Donald Trump.

Donald Trump will.

The people have learned that the establishment is not of them, by them and for them.

They don’t want to preserve the existing social and political dis-order.

They demand order.

That their right to exist, to work, to keep what they earn, and have something in their lives, more than just debt.

They want their dignity restored.

Not on the basis of externalities, but that thing that is the most internal, their humanity.

Will, self determination, collaboration, to create, to sell, to profit, to build, to grow.

Trump doesn’t have to play by the rules, and this confounds the press who sets the rules.

People outside the Left, have seen that the rules of  the Left only exist to extort, shame, and vilify people, so that the people can lose their livelihood or their wealth or both, for ANY reason, and that can be changed out of self interests at any time.

In that chaos, there is disorder.

And they have chosen Trump to be the arbiter to restore order.

All they ask, is for what has been taken from them.

Trump has said he will do just that.

This is why the Left hates him.

And hates him even more for the people he helps.

But the Left is beginning to realize they are the minority now…

And if they don’t change their tactics and become relevant to the common man, again…

They will stay there, for a very… long… time…

Trump is now the Anti-Establishment, and he won…

The media and the Left, need to find a new label, and a new identity, because they gave away everything they used to stand for, to a guy who had nothing to lose, by picking it up and running with it.

He is learning on the fly, but for many the possibility of something different, something better, is enough.

And if he does put the people 1st, and shatter the norms, and perception of what he is supposed to be.

God Bless Him.

Change is messy, but it is constant.

You can go with nature, or die opposing it.

The backlash of the left, their currency in grievance and offense, and hatred and anger, and contempt, and using tools to inflict their conditions on individuals and the world, is at a lull.

They have entered their “Downfall.”

If they align with the will of the people, they will be rewarded, if they ignore it, and tear down those who listen, they will be vehemently opposed.

The choice is theirs.

The Game Has Changed…


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