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Brutal Takedown

December 6, 2016

I am sick of the liberal fascism of the Young Turds. John is an IDIOT, who has nothing to say on TYT. Ana actually has something to say. John is furniture… Even Jimmy has something to say. With John it’s crickets… He is devoid of substance. This is just harassment and slander, disguised as empty virtue signaling… Pure demagoguery…. See 20:22 HOLY SHIT! Such Hypocrisy!!!

He is worried a lot isn’t he? Can we check to see if he is actually a biological male. Ana is the Alpha female, Cenk is the Alpha male, John is the Beta Female of TYT… This is clear now… They are an ECHO CHAMBER, their Election Night coverage proved this… Remember Aida Rodriguez… HOLY FUCK!


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