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Hillary’s Coup De Tat

December 2, 2016

Now liberals care about the Electoral College…

Both candidates knew the rules going in, and campaigned accordingly…

If it was fine for Bill Clinton, it should be fine for Hillary.

The electors have the right to express their political will…

The system is playing out as intended…

Threatening the electors is something fascists do, like not respect the results of the election.

At least she kept the vote of DEAD PEOPLE!!!

But the REAL problem Hillary has was this:

She simply targeted people and defined them by anything and everything other than themselves.

Talking at them, instead of to them. Bill Clinton could fake empathy, she has none…

What this proves is that this election was a complete JOKE!

One unqualified demagogue vs. another…

In the end, the people were forced by the parties to pick for the worst of America.

And they gave the new guy, the benefit of the doubt.

Even Hillary’s crutch that she got the popular vote is hollow when you consider the difference in the vote is CA, and when you throw in all of the sanctuary cites, and states like CA letting illegals vote, and in some states, even dead people…

What you come to understand was this election was a moral judgement on Hillary’s character… and she LOST!

She rigged the primary

She has no more, moral authority to be President than Trump.

So, while the electors, have every right to protect their party, by rejecting BOTH candidates, they won’t, because electors are party HACKS!

Most states legally require electors to vote the popular will…

If there isn’t the required amount, the Senate gets to choose.

What Happens if No Candidate Receives 270 Electoral College Votes?

This, again would favor Trump.

Which is why Hillary is using Jill Stein challenges to possibly have Trump states NOT counted, by not being able to certify their results due to ongoing recounts.

So, either Trump’s win will be voided, or he will be seen as illegitimate.

Even though it was Hillary’s failure… that lost her the election.

Two bad candidates gave us one of the most Deplorable elections in history.

Hillary and Stein are dead set on rigging the game, and undermining our Democracy, while Trump is working to turn around the Mad Max Hellhole our country has become under 8 years of Barack Obama, already.

The people have EVERY right to revolt and stop this Coup de tat`, that Hillary and her banker buddies are pulling on American Democracy.

She couldn’t win with the media, the financial sector, and half the country in her corner…

Now, she wants to take the people’s win away, just so she gets to implement the corporatist/globalist agenda, that the people rejected by electing the 1st non-political candidate for President, in our history.

Hillary’s warfare/welfare for the rich, corporatism lost, the American people rejected it.

She can bring in all the illegals and dead people she likes, but she still LOST!

At some point, you have to accept that you lost, and “Move On.”

You can have our Constitution and Republic, or you can have Hillary…

I know which one I choose…

If she had just listened to us, she would have won in a landslide…


Instead, she called us “Deplorable…” and now, she is irrelevant…


It matters…

More than any other qualification.

And hers has failed us, time and time again…

Finally, justice demands, it fail her TOO!


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