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Jack “The HACK” Back At It!!!

November 30, 2016
Jack Hunter FB:

“I have to admit, it’s amusing to watch some libertarians right now who believe we should stay out of politics, yet still rooted for Trump. They now seem concerned about his appointees. Guess what might help ensure better appointees? Having more libertarians in politics.”

If we elect President Clinton it will be Trump voters’ fault, not those who went third party

Rare election points of view | Why I’m reluctantly voting for Gary Johnson

Is voting for Donald Trump now a wasted vote?

Jack, there are Libertarians, and there are Republicans. You cannot call yourself one, while claiming the other. This is why Rand Paul lost. Cut off your nose to spite your face, Much! Nice predictions BTW! “I never considered the Presidency be the be all end all of Ron Paul’s campaign” His supporters would disagree… But I guess being paid by the campaign to be a “campaign blogger” allows one the distance to take people’s money while stabbing them in the BACK!

(Jack Hunter censored this ^  comment, before I could even post it. All I got to post was his columns, THAT alone was enough for Jack ASS to BLOCK me… Ironic, no?!!)



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