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When A Conservative Tries To Make A Libertarian Case For Hillary…

November 21, 2016

“Trump doesn’t have enough voters to deliver a victory, period” Thanks for the laugh, Jack ASS!

If we elect President Clinton it will be Trump voters’ fault, not those who went third party

Jack Hunter is such a conservative that he would allowed Hillary Clinton to become President… Let that sink in…

Rare election points of view | Why I’m reluctantly voting for Gary Johnson

Can you tell Jack Hunter is an establishment cocksucker…

How the Trump movement is like Black Lives Matter

There is no such thing as a Libertarian case for Hillary… still they lie and try…

If you are dumb enough to vote for Hillary and trust somebody to NOT vote for her, with NO verification… you are a fucking IDIOT! Er, just might be DUMB enough to call yourself Libertarian…

You can’t be a conservative or Libertarian and Vote for Hillary… without disavowing everything you proclaim to stand for…

Most people I know, felt like this…



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