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Wither, Hillary

November 13, 2016

Hillary had the media, women, minorities, men who would be women, government, Wall St., assassination teams, the rich, the poor, half the middle class, the party apparatus rigging the election for her, the guy she stole the primary from, endorse her, media censoring for her, and people willing to beat and intimidate and prosecute whoever was against her… She was all but a dictator… And she STILL LOST!!!

She lost to Barack Obama, who had no record, a couple of speeches, and who can’t think without a TeLePROMPTeR…

And a Billionaire, reality tv show star, and producer, who has several companies, and builds buildings for a living, and does philanthropy.

Two of the most, incompetent, unqualified, unlikely, and absolutely improbable candidates in Presidential election history.

One had the media all for him, the other had the media hell bent against him.

And.. she… STILL… LOST!

And even NOW, she is STILL escaping accountability, and literally blaming the FBI.

When it was HER actions that brought the Investigation, and another one into the Clinton foundation.

Instead it is us, the sexist (even though half the women didn’t vote for her) racist (even though half of Trump voters elected Obama TWICE) misogynist (even though minorities and women are beating white people in the street because they are white, and by association, Trump voters), who are to blame.

We were sexist when we chose Obama, and racist when we chose Trump, well if that is the case, WHY would she want to lead us, and be associated with us at all… us, mere Deplorables, e, Les Miserables….???

She didn’t have a campaign.

She had SHRILL ANGER and entitlement, guilting the American people, shaming them, and trying to get them to shame each other, into voting to her, or fearing the wrath of her supporters enough, so that she can have what she thinks she deserves. To rule us. And keep us, forever beneath her. And her supporters…

That’s what we got from Obama the last 8 years.

And all we got in return, was mocked, called names, by the rich, and left to suffer in silence, just like those who voted for him twice, who were ignored, while he used government to get rich, and share that with her backers and elites.

Hillary offered, and was dumb enough on keeping more of the same.

And the people couldn’t take it, anymore…

She wasn’t the populist the people wanted, she was a Corporatist.

Trump was the only one who asked for our vote.

And he got it.

She expected our vote, and thought she was entitled to whatever she wanted from us…

But then, WE expected things from government, we thought we were entitled to it, and instead were given an empty bag of Austerity and bailouts… and told we would have to literally work for nothing, and be literal slaves, to get back from government, what our taxes already paid for.

That was the FINAL insult.

We have had enough.

Let the piles of money you used your influence to obtain for yourself, and secure from the rest of us, keep you warm.

And if it does not Hillary,

Don’t worry.

It is much warmer where you are going after this…

And your clock until the day of reckoning, just started ticking.

And even your tears, won’t give you comfort.

“The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice” — MLK.

Your judgement is coming, and that Right Soon!

Let the countdown begin…

Cry all you want for the days of the rest of your life.

You know who you chose. And you chose to believe he honor’s his contract.

God fearing people, have been telling anyone, and everyone, that those contracts are nothing but a one way street.

Cry, cry, cry…

You made your bed of thorns.

It’s time to bleed a while.

From ashes you came, and back to ashes you will go…

Tormented by the souls of the dead…

You knew…

You destroyed…

Now, justice demands equality.

It is their turn now…

But you will be made to wait for it.

Just, a little longer.

The torment in this life is temporary.

If I were you, I’d start praying now…

Your last hope, is to be another thief on the cross…

And you already mastered how to be a thief.


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