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When Hypocrites Point Out Hypocrisy, You Have Irony

November 13, 2016

Comment: “I hate this Show and what it stands for, you guys have no critical self review. You guys are meant to be different from the mainstream media but your just as Bad. Your incredibly biased and happily alienated roughly 50% of your audience during the election, your not objective at all regardless of how hard you try to make it look like you are, because it’s obvious to any reasonably intelligent critical thinking person your not. This show is trash because your opinions are trash an if you ever come to realise how wrong you are I hope you quit the media.”

FWQ: AMEN! They are a joke now… The Bernie Hillary switcheroo was the last straw. Now Cenk is flailing for cash… All they know to do is make unfunny jokes Cenk pays them to laugh at, and tear down people who dare to disagree with them on anything. It’s an eco chamber. I’d bet half the subscribers just watch to see Cenk blow up. He is becoming the Sam Kinison of Youtube. It’s pathetic. And now he has to BEG you for money to do a Freaking You Tube show… Did he burn through the PMSNBC $$$ that quick! Fuck the Fed, let’s audit Cenk and his merry crew of suck up sycophants…


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