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Simply, Berned Out

November 13, 2016

FWO: Going further left, will make you even more irrelevant than you already are… You guys haven’t spoken outside your liberal bubble in a long time, and like the DNC you are out of touch with America. If you like the island you are currently on, keep being extremist. What you need to do instead, is go around the country and listen to the American people, regardless of party. And work for THEM instead of your DAMN selves! Trump spoke to the American people, you guys are throwing tantrums, beating people up and destroying property. Remember shit like that got Nixon TWO terms! You haven’t given America a choice for a LONG time!

Comment: If you really think there’s a mass movement of liberals beating people up in the street then YOU are the extremist. I don’t think that Trump supporters are running around lynching people either.
Comment: Have you seen the non-stop soros funded riots ever since Trump won?
Comment:Wasn’t it right wing Trump supporters threatening civil war and taking out Hillary Clinton if Trump lost?
Fuck outta here with that bullshit
FWO: Oh, and isn’t it YOU GUYS trying to flip electors and overturn the GOD DAMN election!  In addition to making excuses for black people to beat, rob and rape white people in the street, in towns that VOTED FOR HILLARY, which means your dumb asses are attacking YOUR OWN PEOPLE! LOL! LOL! LOL! YOU ARE TRUMP!
Comment: Going further left this election would have won it. Most Americans side with liberal ideals. Equal pay, protecting nature, healthcare, anti-war, corporations paying taxes, money out of politics. All things America agrees with.
FWO: There was a lot of red in that map folks. People are sick of Obamanomics. And they hate Hillary. And Bernie sold u guys out. Leave it be, you can’t raise the dead. Get some NEW blood, new ideas, this old crap ain’t working…
Comment: there was a lot of red because of the electoral college. Hillary won the popular vote, despite being a moderate shill. I promise you that if Bernie had won the primaries he would be president right now.
Comment:  If most Americans agreed with liberalism than the dems should have won.
Comment:  Bernie did what he thought was right and did so without malice. I forgive him. Since he is my side 99% of the time. How about you look at the bill he tries to pass. The American people agree with him but they are like you . He proposes the bill and has no backup .You expect everyone else to do something. Sanders and warren have name recognition and that is needed. A new blood no name will get zero media and zero support. So unless you plan on running and are an active part of the progressive movement you are the sell out. Bet you just post things on FB and yell on youtube. I am active in the local progressive scene and I’m in Tennessee so you have no excuse. But yeah just throw away allies because they did 1% of things you didn’t like, Though you are right they are sick of Obama economic and they know the GOP is no better. Trump was just change , even if bad change. The GOP congress still has like a 15 % approval rating.
FWO: He was even more left than she was. If you are correct, they would have still gone for her. But what you guys refuse to accept is that Trump was the populist and Hillary was the corporatist… She didn’t ask for the vote of the people she lost. Instead she called them DEPLORABLES!  Bernie would have been killed by the media. They can’t make money off of a Marxist Leninist…. and neither can Bernie for that matter.
Yawn. Nader is a progressive. You guys are just lost….
Comment: Well Ralph Nader is a fan of Sanders so we will welcome green into the party as well.
FWO: Oh, so NOW you faux progressives like Nader because he says nice things about Sanders. Gee, that was quick. (Shakes head) Bernie is not the future of anything. The Democratic party is in disarray. They are imploding and the GOP is imploding. It was the best case scenario for the American people. However, the people didn’t pick Neo Liberal Corporatism or Socialism, they went with the Populist. The Liberals gave that position away to Trump, he ran with it and WON! And you guys think the answer is to go further left, in a direction the country after 8 Years of Corporate Neo Liberalism clearly rejected. That is suicide.
Comment: We can see that Hillary was a corporatist just fine.. The only thing i’ve ever seen people argue against Sanders with is him being a ‘socialist’. Never anything based on the reality of his policies. Only arguments about how he want’s to evenly distribute wealth as if that’s what he was saying. And in an election where the opponent is being compared to Hitler, these absurd accusations carry no weight.
FWO: Hitler was a socialist…. you don’t know history.
America simply doesn’t want more of the same…


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