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Hillary, You Lost America

November 11, 2016

Trump got the same percentage as whites.

Same percentage as Hispanics.

6 percent more African Americans

And 1 percent more Women, than Romney

Hillary lost 2 percent of whites.

Lost 4 percent of Hispanics.

Lost 7 percent of African Americans.

AND LOST 3 percent of WOMEN!!!

When you are Democrat.

And you lose African Americans, Hispanics, Whites, and especially WOMEN when you ARE a woman! You have NOBODY to blame but your DAMN self!

African Americans, Hispanics and women, LEFT the Democrat party and went to Trump.

Hillary OWNS THAT!

White people are NOT racist if Black people, Hispanic people, and women of ALL races, don’t vote for a Democrat, whether she is a woman or not.

It gets better…

2016 US Presidential Electoral Map If Only [X] Voted

November 7, 2016

The maps show the 2016 presidential outcomes based on select voter outcomes.









The results:

  • People of Colour*: Clinton 538, Trump: 0
  • Women: Clinton 461, Trump: 71
  • College Educated Whites: Clinton 216, Trump: 322
  • White Women: Clinton 211, Trump: 327
  • White People: Clinton 169, Trump: 369
  • Men: Clinton 158, Trump: 350
  • Non-College educated Whites: Clinton 64, Trump: 474
  • White Men: Clinton 45, Trump: 493

She lost college educated whites…

White women…

White people, overall….


Non College educated men…

And white men…

Crushing Hillary: Trump’s Landslide by the Numbers

She appealed to minorities exclusively, and half the white people. And even lost some women, because of her, narrow, targeted, triangulation Bill Clinton style campaign.

She was as unpopular as Trump, as establishment as they come, had the coldness of an Al Gore, and the uncontrolled anger and vindictiveness as Nixon, with the sense of self entitlement of Barack Obama.

WikiLeaks Continues to Prove Worst Fears About Clinton Presidency

In hindsight, it’s a miracle she got as close as she did.

Her problem was she spoke to Wall St. and the well off, took for granted the bulk of the American people and targeted minorities and women, to the point that everybody else felt left out, including women!

I can’t think of anything she offered to do.

Not one policy position.

She literally ran on morphing into Barack Obama after 8 years of suffocating regulations, incompetence and scapegoating.

The people knew what she had to offer, knew that the people had no pull on her, and that she was using them as a means to get power, for it’s own end.

It insulted them.

She made her whole campaign about her, avoiding accountability. Ducking and scapegoating when she was caught in her own scandals, and when she leaned on her friends to exonerate her, she had the unmitigated gall to gloat, and shove it in our faces! With the media calling us names, if we had a problem with it.

This lead to the people having a problem with her.

As well as the media.

There is a backlash in this country, with the people boycotting the elite who blame them for their hardships. Just look at the NFL and the Colin Kaepernick CRAP!


People are sick of propping up the rich to tell us how we gotta suck it up, so they can have everything, and all we get is the privilege to support them and their lifestyle at our direct expense.

They ran to Donald Trump, because he bothered to listen. Whether he does anything or not. People were and are that desperate.

This is something the liberal media, and some conservative media can never hope to understand.

This election was our last gasp to grab the life preserver…

It’s not a boat…

It’s not land…

But at least we aint sinking at the moment…

And until somebody comes to pull us our of the fucking water…

That’s ENOUGH!

HOW TRUMP WON: The “Trump Belt” Swept Across Northern States From Maine to North Dakata


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