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A Tale Of Permanent Recession

November 11, 2016

From my buddy on FB: “What make America great means to me, I live in Cleveland and everyday I drive by boarded up houses and closed factories. I always think to myself how many people at one point supported their families put their kids through college and retired from that closed factory. When I drive by the boarded up houses I think about the holidays and family dinners that once happened in those houses. We lost many jobs to foreign countries where workers are treated poorly and make very little money. It’s time to bring those jobs back ,it’s time to bring the American dream back it’s time to make America great again.”

FWO: When I first moved to C. Hts, there were shops and apts, in the neighborhood. When I left. Half those shops were closed and half the people left. And that was in 2007. For 9 god damn years, we haven’t gotten back to that point with our economy. That is an indictment of government. And the establishment of both parties. This is why that map, save for CA or NY went for Trump. Obama raped us, for 8 yrs, Hillary blamed us, and Trump was the ONLY option for change, in a change election. 8 years of this shit, is TOO LONG!


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