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America, It’s Time To Get To Work!

November 9, 2016

My intention was not to wait til 4 AM to go to sleep, last night/this morning.

It was to just get drunk.

There was NO WAY IN HELL the American people, would come to their senses, and not listen to the rich, elitist, corporatist welfare whore media, and would do anything less that cheer the narrative disguised as a human being, in a pant suit. And then tell half the country, what great people they were, while telling the other half, together, what despicable people they are.

Well, by the grace of the almighty, by my 3rd beer, the poles reversed, and the roles reversed last night.

At 2:41 AM Hillary Clinton, the media, and all of the corporate masters that funded her to the tune of a BILLION dollars, fell…

They fell to YOU!

The American people in “flyover country.”

Who have seen their benefits cut, or with strings attached.

Their jobs evaporated.

Their bills pile up.

Their families destroyed.

Their hope gone.

Their American Dream, turned into an unending nightmare…

For one night, they have hope.

Their peace of mind is restored.

They were not crazy, they were right.

They are NOT invisible.

They are HERE!

Present in the moment, in the here and NOW!

And ready to get to work, to take back what the almighty powerful elitist class took from them, over the past decades.

Work will be our restored ethic.

But we will not ignore the needs of those without.

They will be taken care of.

And those deserving shall not be left behind.

And those not deserving, can find their own way home.

We didn’t ask for you, and we cannot help you. You must help yourself as we must do.

That is true equality.

Of opportunity.

To speak and assemble freely. Without force or intimidation or physical violence or property destruction.

A respect of life, of property, and of dignity, that comes from work, and not the bigotry of the plantation of a handout, subject to obedience.

Donald Trump, together with the American people, will restore this country to what it used to be. A land of merit, hard work, and opportunity, and where you can grow as far as your talents take you, and can create jobs and endeavors, that bring people together to create goods and services, by, of, and for the American people.

America First!

When our house is in order, we can be gracious.

But for now, we must take care of each other.

Rebuild our country to be globally competitive, yet stop incentivizing them to beat us. With our tax policy, regulations, favor for international trade deals, environmental regulations that arrest American citizens for being on their own land…

This, with Trump’s leadership, will change, for the better of all of America.

We have not had a moment or a President, so rooted in the common interest of our nation since JFK. And like JFK, he is under threat. Not just politically.

The media, because he is not one of them, has already declared war on him, on US, and that war will continue on…

We must know who our allies are, recruit more, and hold the line against the coming personal, and professional attacks, that the defeated only know how to resort to and engage, on the rare moment the people and fate, deal them even a momentary setback.

If you are just, we shall be just, if you are unjust, there will be war.

This is a battle for our very survival as a nation, and as a people.

We will NOT sit quietly and become another God DAMN Germany!

Americanism, Yes, Globalism, NO!

Trump’s mandate is not with the media. It is with you.

It is not with the GOP. It is with YOU!

YOU have the power!

You have a voice to be heard.

Now, instead of being called “Deplorable” we can be partners, working together in a common interest to restore our country, to the promises we had in our youth, that our children have NEVER known…

Government can work for the people, instead of live off the people. Their privileges, recede to our POWER.

People First, those who serve the people, under them, and those who do NOT, last… DEAD LAST!

And they are welcomed to LEAVE if they refuse to do their part.

We are not forcing them, we will be happy to let them GO!

For the self interested, well off, who create nothing, give nothing, and take everything, they can leave. They only get in the way.

For the masses of humanity, that have nothing, and no prospect for anything better, with an education or without one, it’s time society found a place for you.

For those of us who see problems and want to fix them, we are ready to do so.

And for those like us who want to come together to do so, it will be done.

That is what a leader does.

See a need, find people who can meet it, and let them do so.

Trump knows this well, from his personal businesses.

A man who is as comfortable with the working class, as he is with the elite.

With the same flaws, appetites, and need to be respected for the better he gives to society, through his efforts, and in the lives of his workers.

Trump is not God, he is uniquely HUMAN!

This is what people respond to.

His heart, as well as his flaws.

They know he doesn’t have contempt, even for people who disagree with him. For he knows, what he DOES matters, far more than what anybody will ever say.

They say it can’t be done, and he does it.

He has done it, his whole life.

I am proud to have the privilege of living in this moment in time.

For the 1st time since JFK, we have a President who knows who the bad guys are, and who got him into office.

Not the media.

Not the party.

Not even himself…

The American People.

Trump has a contract with the American people, he intends to keep.

He knows that so many who are in need, need him to stand up for them.

And so far, he has done that. And held the right people accountable, for what has taken our country backward since JFK.

All the people ask is that he holds those people accountable, get them off their back, and that they have equal opportunity, not to result, but to accomplish the most they can, on the basis of their merit, their ethic.

Not to be disrespected, mocked and scorned by people well off than them, or be attacked for people as bad, or worse off than them.

They want fairness.

A day’s pay for a day’s work.

An opportunity to succeed, and a chance to try again if they fail.

They want the same for their children.

They want to pass on a legacy, hand down what was given to them, and see their children have an opportunity to do even better than what they had.

This is what the American Dream was, before Globalism turned it into the American Nightmare.

Now with President Trump, and his Army of Deplorables, it is time for the vermin to leave, or to be kicked out!

If you act in good faith, it shall be returned.

If you are civil and disagree, you will be respected.

If you peacefully organize against us, we will have a battle of ideas in the public, and our ideas which are better than anything you have offered up to the people for decades, will WIN!

But if you are disrespectful, refuse to be civil, and choose to be violent, might I remind you, that government has a monopoly on violence, and by your own example, we can default to it, any time, any way we like.

But Trump, and his people aspire to be better.

And wish for you to be better.

But if you insist on war, a war you will have.

Our cause is just.

We will win.

β€œIn the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

― Mark Twain

As Victor Hugo once said: “No Army can stop an idea who’s time has come.”
This is our time.
The time of the rabble, to throw off the shackles of the conspirators, and the conspiracy against them. To make America be the best of all it could ever be, and has ever been.
Ron Paul’s last two Campaign slogans were: “Hope For America” and “Restore America NOW!”
Ironic for him, and his son Rand, who was Donald Trump’s most vociferous critic in the GOP, that it took Donald J. Trump… to make both slogans, REALITY!!!
Thank you, President-Elect Donald J. Trump.
Thank you!
Now, let’s get to WORK!

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