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The End, Or The Beginning Of The End

November 7, 2016

The Lethal Lie of Hillary Clinton: Saving Lives with a No-Fly Zone in Syria

The Next War

So, The FBI Didn’t Actually Read All Those Emails


Video: Reporters Pose For Photos With Hillary as They Laugh at Her Jokes


And Cenk tells us to vote Hillary. Let’s hope Hillary is the death of TYT

Hillary’s next war

Silence on Christian GENOCIDE!

In an Ironic Twist, a Whole Bunch of Felons Could Swing the Election for Clinton

They will do anything… even put your safety at risk!

The Saudi’s who funded 911, who fund the Clinton’s.

She loves fracking…

Pardoned, just like her hero, Nixon.

Somebody said it…

We can only hope…

WikiLeaks Show Washington Post Writer Asked DNC For Anti-Trump Research

The media is about as impartial as a tribal warlord.

Kim Dotcom Reveals That NSA Has Access To Hillary’s “Deleted” Emails

The new Watergate

If this was a Republican…

Prison office party!


One Hillary seizure away from the Presidency!!!

Betrayal, Bernie style!

CNN Reporter Rattles Podesta’s Cage During Interview About New FBI Email Investigation

Self explanatory

FBI director received millions from Clinton Foundation, his brother’s law firm does Clinton’s taxes

Now, it’s starting to make sense…

New Wikileaks Bombshell: CNN Collaborated With DNC On Questions for Blitzer/Trump Interview

When the media takes sides. It’s propaganda.

ALERT: After FBI Announcement, Security Officers Issue Shock Warning About Huma & Saudis

She refuses to vet her own people!

Hillary’s Close, Forgotten Ties to Convicted Iranian-American Investor

Taking money from a country on the Terrorism Watch List!

Top Hillary Aid Knew Email Scandal Could Cost Her The Election

Arrogance, personified…

Hillary singlehandedly took out Gadhafi in Libya. She is a Neo CON! Wake up! You threaten Syria, you risk WW3 with Russia. Hillary already is threatening war with Putin if elected. WORLD WAR 3 WAKE THE HELL UP!

Clinton Hid Past Health Problems From Public, Former White House Doctor Says

Unfit to serve.

Clinton Hid Past Health Problems From Public, Former White House Doctor Says

Her Watergate is just beginning..

Clinton body count +1

China owns the Clinton’s

Hillary, ISIS, owned by Saudi’s…

Mental illness….

Clinton corruption.

ANOTHER Federal Crime!!!

She can’t even get her scapegoats right…



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