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Good Cop/Bad Cop, TYT

November 7, 2016

Good cop:

Bad cop:

Cenk is making excuses for Hillary, while Ben goes to war with Progressives, in order to elect Hillary.

Propping up a bad candidate you already promise to go to war with, on her terms, after she gets in office just shows that you will bow to corporate power, if it comes to you in the gender, identity, or label you identify with.

To progressive thought, Hillary is WORSE than Trump, MUCH worse, see 1st video.

But if you dare to leave the Democrat plantation, and walk away from that alcoholic, womanizing, abusive relationship, YOU are being the asshole! Who is just selfish, and won’t do a damn thing to make things work! So it’s all your fault!

This dichotomy is why most people leave the Democrat plantation, it’s illogical, abusive, and they tend to eat their own, and sacrifice everything they stand for, for a pat on the back from people they are supposed to hate if they bothered to have dignity and principle.

TYT shows the good, and the bad of Progressives so well. They really ought to be studied.

Crimethink, doublethink, crimestop, Two Minute Hate….

Orwell KNEW what was to come…

He tried to warn us, but most of us refused to listen.

For people like Cenk, It’s a playbook.

So ironic for a guy who preaches to “get the money out of politics” (Which would empower the lobbyists, and special interests, even MORE) that he ATTACKS the people who follow through on that, or even advocate it. And he worships the one woman, who is the EXACT opposite, of anti-corruption and reform. And has spent a lifetime buying immunity from prosecution for her high crimes and misdemeanors…

How did we go from Preaching Progressivism, to coronating the embodiment of Richard Nixon… with BIGGER tits!

That is a discussion progressives will be having with their psychiatrists for the next four years, if she wins, or she loses. It is LONG overdue!

Young Turks Host: Self-Hating Women Trump Supporters ‘Belong in the Kitchen’


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