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“Bury The Dead They Stink Up The Joint”

November 6, 2016




FWO: Ron, remember Tampa, when McConnell hack, Jesse Benton led you off the floor while the delegates who paid their own way to get there, and fund your campaign got beaten and arrested, and had to bail themselves out of jail! Remember your son, singlehandedly trying to take down Trump and fail so miserably, throwing your legacy into the toilet. Nobody owes you a DAMN thing, and you owe us your silence. That same silence you had when you ran out of Tampa, while we stood up and spoke out for you, and got abandoned in the fight. Consider the money you didn’t spend in either campaign a FINAL down payment on your silence, and LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE!!!

Comment: He has a point!

Comment: Well put!

Comment: Like a boss!

“Coughlin’s Law: Bury the dead. They stink up the joint. As for the rest of Coughlin’s Laws, ignore them. The guy was always full of shit.

[chuckles bitterly] But I guess you knew that already…”




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