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Slaves, The Plantation, & Managers Of The Plantation Out In Full Force Today

November 3, 2016

Old white liberal woman comes up to Social Security building. I’m standing next to 2 black guys at bus stop. She asks them if they voted and gives them Democrat voting guides. She didn’t look at me, talk to me, she walked around me and avoided me completely even though I am disabled. BUT by me telling u this story, I am racist, yeah…. Right! Damn racist Democrats!

If you were born into poverty, live in poverty, and continue to vote for the same people who do nothing to change the fact that you live in a ghetto. You are not oppressed. You are in a voluntary contract with the government agent that has made your community, unlivable, intolerable, and impossible to escape. You are giving them your consent for things to stay the same and continue to be exploited. If Black America votes 95% for Hillary again, they are making a conscious choice, un-coerced, of your own free will, to remain in bondage. If a check with strings, and aid, subject to obedience and unquestioned fealty to the Democrat party, is fine by you, you are not a slave. You are an employee of the state. Low wage, minimum benefits to be sure, but an employee all the same. They dictate terms to you and give you the bare minimum. Then Austerity to make you work for it. You are not being oppressed. You are entering into a voluntary contract to exchange opportunity and upward mobility, for the crumbs from the table of the omnipotent state. Enjoy your plantation, and your master. After all, you walked into it, and did what you were told, from the get go. Be happy with your fate, you participated in making it so. Nobody owes you Jack SHIT!

I say, “How often does she come down here? Let me guess, the week before the election, and that’s it” Guy says to me “That’s her job.” When you defend your prison guards, I think that is your problem, not mine. They are NOT oppressed if they voluntarily choose to be exploited. It’s NOT my fault, OR ANY OTHER white person’s fault, or anybody elses fault, but their own. That is just a logical fact… We all have choices in life.


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