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Kentucky Senate Debate

November 2, 2016

Rand, wouldn’t the balanced budget amendment, lock in cuts? And wouldn’t lobbyist use this tool to cut, oh, I don’t know, from the social programs? Just a thought!

Of course we need investment in the state. Infrastructure, most definitely. But there is no reason we can’t cut pork from the budget and leave the safety net intact, in a Depression.

Rand is giving Washington answers to Kentucky problems. He’s been there too long.

Rand is advocating Trump’s economic policies, after singlehandedly trying to beat Trump in the primary.

It’s not a stab in the back, but it is ironic, no?

Gray’s public private partnerships, are a giveaway to corporations….

Lowering the Corporate Income Tax in a Depression is another giveaway.

They take the savings, put them offshore, and use the shortfall to ask for more stimulus….

Just writing a blank check, is not going to stimulate anything.

You must require that any money must be spend for designated purposes, by force of law.

Gray is a war-hawk, Yikes!

You can’t have an unchecked military spend money we don’t have, in conflicts we don’t have the legal or moral authority to be in. Rand used to talk like this, but Washington has made him an Austerity at home, and stimulus abroad, politician.

If you cut foreign aid, but do not limit intervention overseas, and bring our troops home to defend our country, with a undefended border, in a time where we are under threat of terrorism, you aren’t accomplishing anything.

Gray is correct on Rand flip flopping on military spending. Just look at when he ran, vs. where he is now.

Politicians calling out each other for being politicians, making themselves look like babies. Sigh….

Yes, Rand did circumvent Kentucky state law, so he could violate the Kentucky Constitution to run as a candidate for President, and Senator. That is a FACT!

Rand may be “the hardest working Senator” but he hasn’t accomplished anything. At least, not for Kentucky.

Intentions are intentions, but your record, matters.

Rand wants you to be a debt slave.

Gray wants the government to help pay your debt.

Good luck with that, Rand.

Having more colleges to compete with debt based incentives, does nothing to drive prices down. It expands the pool of debtors. Because the colleges will charge at the same rates. To make money. Even a blind man can see this. What is Rand thinking?

Rand is correct about ISIS.

Gray is correct about the need for infrastructure.

But public private partnerships are government created monopolies that will not control spending.

Advocating religion to get off drugs. Violates separation with church and state. Some Libertarian there, Rand.

They both have points on the drug bill. But they both are vulnerable on it, as well. Spending is an issue, but if that is the case, Rand should have worked for separate bills.

NOW he supports Trump when he needs him…

Pathetic. Real way to stand on principle, there…

Rand Paul learns to love Trump out of self preservation.

That has nothing to do with Kentucky.

Gray kills Rand for hypocrisy on the Constitution by obstruction.

Rand, (sigh) taking their word for it (re: upholding the Constitution), backfires. Ask conservatives about David Souter.

Gray Anti 2nd Amendment. That violates the Constitution.

Rand is right on immigration. But ignored the question on gun control.

Increasing the minimum wage, prices people out of jobs.

Obamacare did price out full time employment.

But the template for it, was Romneycare, which came from the GOP.

Rand wants to take welfare from the people, and give it to corporations. Yikes!

They both suck, I’m sorry, Kentucky…


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