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The Last 24 Hours Of Hillary

October 30, 2016

You lose your healthcare so the govt. and insurance companies can cut costs, offset losses, split the profits, and you get taxed because you can’t afford health care, so they can finance political campaigns to protect their govt. granted monopoly. Now that’s what I call a free market… in Russia!

Clinton State Dept Spent 5.4 Million Taxpayer Dollars On ‘Crystal Stemware’, $630k On Facebook ‘Likes’

Left Issues Howls Of Rage After FBI Resumes Probe Of Clinton’s Emails

Corrupt Obama DOJ Moved to Spike Comey Investigation So He Went Rogue – And Notified Congress

FBI Reopens Hillary Email Probe: Why Did It Take So Long?

Bernie: “We are tired of your damn emails.” Hillary: “I don’t know what is in my emails…” The dog ate my homework doesn’t work with the FBI or IRS, try it sometime. This is indefensible. Period. End of story.

Daily Mail: Lynch Pleads The Fifth To Avoid Answering Questions On $1.7b Payments To Iran

You take the 5th, you are guilty… Govt. takes the 5th. They get immunity. And for some reason, people are okay with that.

FBI Fallout: Democrats Reverse Course on ‘Rigged’ System

They were praising the same guy, months ago.

Democrats Attack FBI Director For Telling America About Renewed Clinton Probe

When he didn’t pursue her, he was competent. Now, she gets an out of jail free card, fucks up AGAIN! And he’s the asshole! Democrats, you are embarrassing yourselves. If Trump destroys the GOP and Hillary destroys the Democrats… and the people rise up. Things will finally change, for the better. It’s about time.

IRS Shocker: Filing Reveals Lerner Blackberry Destroyed

Video: Clinton Campaign Manager Admits Hillary Lied To Supporters About FBI Letter To Congress

WikiLeaks’ 10 Most Damning Clinton Emails that Prove Mainstream Media is Scripted and Controlled

MORE LIES=> Robbie Mook Denies Creamer Connection to Clinton Campaign – Wikileaks Proves He’s Lying


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