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The Future Is Yours, If You Want It

October 30, 2016

— The guy who walked out on his own delegates at Tampa after making them pay to be delegates, and to get there, and to pay bail when they were illegally arrested. And whose son told them 4 years later to “give me your money, and go away!” No thanks. No thanks. I have mine from 2008, and 2012, I clean my apartment with them…. In that sense, they are useful.

Comment: The guy who has been one of the most outspoken advocates of freedom to the public (often standing alone) for decades. Sorry to hear that you didn’t have a good experience but you can’t deny that he’s done more for liberty in the last century than most.

— Leading people into battle and walking away while they get slaughtered makes you Robert the Bruce, not William Wallace. Ron can talk but so does Alex Jones. They get money, but the freedom dial for the rest of us, hasn’t moved an inch. Hence the rise of Trump. Thanks to Rand joining their ranks to stop Trump. I know many Ron Paulers who worked for Trump after the way Rand and the Brand Paul movement, threw them out of their own damn movement, and became millionaires for it. Rand couldn’t even beat Trump. He’s done. But at least they got to keep your money.

Comment: Ron and Rand are two different people. I’m not that big a fan of how Rand handles a lot of his political doings. Sounds like you feel like you got shafted. Personally I owe Ron for waking me up to the message.

— A lot of us did…. And our reward was Rand’s handlers telling us to get in line, or GTFO! And calling us conspiracy theorists, for telling them how they screwed us. See Jack Hunter, Austin Petersen, Jesse Benton, to name a few, who began the Purge, when Rand ascended… with OUR help! And even aside from that, he diluted Ron’s message, attempting to please everybody, and was left with nobody. All united against him. He blew it. And now he’s on the wrong side, again, backing the Anti Trump GOP over the grassroots, many his father’s followers and loyal servants, and some of his own. He’s done. If he runs again, he won’t have our money, he will have to run with the Bankers money.

Comment: Completely agree. Notice how I’m not wearing a Rand Paul t-shirt.

— Right. Politics isn’t the answer. Michael Moore’s analysis of us is correct. BUT! We are NOT expecting shit to work. It stopped working for us a long time ago. We just want the bastards to lose their safety net, that they stole from us in the 1st place. Burn it down. Thank you Bernie, thank you Hillary, Thank YOU Trump, the system has been exposed for the fraud that it is. The illusions are GONE! The mask has come off. We are backed up against the wall… “Let them come…”


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