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TYT Hates Americans, Funny, So Does Hillary

October 29, 2016

A man gets killed by the state, the state charges the survivors. The jury, doesn’t think they should be put in prison. (That IS IN the Constitution! And you say it is against the Constitution) And TYT thinks the state is the people, and that the state, needs to be protected by the people, in the name of defending the people…. The mental gymnastics of TYT and Cognitive Dissonance is INCREDIBLE! You are honestly gonna try to pair this with racial profiling… Apples to Oranges comparison. Everything to Cenk is racial profiling, sexism, racism, homophobia… Everything has it’s own label. Nothing is complex. It’s just feelings over facts. And an inability to look at both sides and weigh truth and justice. You can’t argue that the Constitution exists to protect the state over the people. That is the truth. Instead you have to argue that when the state is aggrieved, the people must be punished by punishing the people by punishing the state. That is Fascism, Cenk!

Dumbass #1 : “Kindly explain to us how armed militia taking over a gov’t building aiming firearms at federal agents leads to no convictions and no action for weeks but hundreds of unarmed peaceful protests over an unfinished pipeline brings out sound cannons, pepper spray, attack dogs and rubber bullets.”

— “But the most interesting and damning thing the video makes clear is that agents started shooting at him, twice, before any of the “appearing to reach in his pocket for a gun” that supposedly justified the kill shots. See starting around 5:30 of the video.” — Take it up with Reason magazine’s reporter. Next time, try harder….

 Dumbass #2: ” If a person is murdered while comitting a felony everyone colluding in the felony is also found guilty of murder. Thats in the constitution. When Bundy was killed, everyone else who occupied that public building were instantly guilty of murder 1, with no chance of recourse. “

“the F.B.I. agents on the scene face serious questions. F.B.I. agents from the hostage and rescue team were interviewed by investigators immediately after the shooting and again about 10 days later. On both occasions, they denied having fired any shots. Investigators said they had concluded that two of the shots — one hitting the truck — must have come from one of the F.B.I. agents, whose identity is still unknown to investigators.” Failure to disclose evidence in a Federal case, that is a federal crime. And they shot him IN THE BACK! That is murder. “Why deny firing the shots?” asked a law enforcement official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the open investigations. “That’s really the $64,000 question.”

Conspiracy to murder, if not before the fact, certainly AFTER the fact.
If ANYBODY is sympathizing with terrorists here… Look in the mirror. TYT.

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