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The Worst Of The Worst…

October 29, 2016

TYT tripping over themselves, stumbling to protect and defend Hillary from scrutiny and any and ALL accountability, even from the US government. When the Alternative Media fuses into the Mainstream media, you get the SAME omission and lies… Like their candidate, TYT has discredited themselves with this fiasco. They are not news. They are propaganda. The internet version of the Clinton News Network.

Cenk on liberal hypocrisy “You make up your own mind.” Cenk on GOP hypocrisy “Heretics! Kill them ALL!!!” Cenk, your transparency in your self interest partisanship, to make money off of a YOUTUBE channel, puts you in the SAME category as Jill Stein. Douche! Can you imagine if Trump did this…. Where would Cenk be then? If you guessed screaming like a Harpie Water Buffalo, you are correct!

Smug, arrogant, elitism, defined… TYT


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