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Liberal Hypocrisy Defined In Record Time

October 29, 2016

“The same anti- big government conservatives are quick to side with the government whenever its the police vs people of color”

Really? TYT just DID a video where they were apoplectic that the Bundy’s were acquitted.

TYT is morally bankrupt.

Comment: “You’re still hanging around. You must really love TYT.”
—    nah, Cenk is just retarded. He gives so much material to work with, it’s embarrassing. The emotion, logical fallacies, can only be around people who agree with him, and default to anger and vapid insults when challenged. His followers are just like his sycophant employees. Can’t think for themselves forever at risk of being ridiculed by the biggest, jerk, bully and Water Buffalo in the room. John is worthless. Jimmy isn’t funny, he’s just mean, and doesn’t know enough to make a substantive argument, Ana just likes to attack and has a persecution complex to go with her insecurity, and chip on her anorexic shoulder, that rivals Cenk’s, the only person who makes decent points is Jayar Jackson, the patronized token black on the show, because liberals have to have one, so Cenk can call everybody, sexist, racist, bigoted, or whatever epithet Cenk can recall with a hangover. It’s like a car wreck, so awful, it’s pitifully entertaining. Dave Rubin has 10x a better show. He even can handle discussion with people he disagrees with. I can see why Cenk got rid of him. He didn’t kiss, Cenk’s big, fat, smelly, hairy, Turkish ass. God help Ana! Dave made great points about where Cenk went too far, as a long time viewer, I agree. But rescuing Hillary after dropping Bernie, so fast, just because of Trump is a cop out. No principle there. She went from Anti Christ to savior in what, a month? That shows Cenk is just a blowhard capitalist, media whore, MSN wanna be, who wants u 2 fund his lifestyle. It’s an internet show on YouTube, what does he need your fucking money for. Did he burn through the PMSNBC money that fast?!! Critical thinking, think about it. You are funding a liberal demagogue internet troll, who now loves Hillary, admittedly used to be Republican, just like Hillary, and threw over a Progressive, for her, to defeat Trump, a former long time Democrat. Trump is the Democrat populist here, Hillary is the corporate welfare warfare Republican, using you, like Trump is using the GOP, and none of you give a shit. Open your eyes, it’s fucking Embarrassing…!


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