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Logic Is Anathema To The Young Turds

October 27, 2016

“All the Trump voters are puckered up on this video, and yet they still subscribe to TYT. Kinda masochistic”

“Coming from people who hate Hillary but are stuck voting for her. I’d say look in the mirror….”

“There are also a lot of people who like her and are going to vote for her, but that fact runs contrary to your beliefs, so…”

“Talk to Bernie supporters. LOL!”

“We are gonna stop neoliberal militarist, welfare/warfare, austerity ideologues by coronating the Queen of such, that if u watched Cenk vids, before Bernie took your money and ran, Cenk accurately exposed her as the biggest threat to Progressives, and predicted the rise of Trump. Now, you are turning against yourselves trying to convince yourselves and everyone around you, that what u fought for and believed in doesn’t matter because of Trump, who was a Democrat. Do you see how insane that is…”


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