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“How Could You?!!”

October 27, 2016


the rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless.

extreme skepticism maintaining that nothing in the world has a real existence.

“How could you?!!”

This was the retort of horror often spoken when I finally shared my deepest, darkest secret: I voted for Donald Trump.

Did I feel bad?

There was no reason to.

Given the choices of the Neo Liberal in a pantsuit, more paralyzed by her handlers than Al Gore… who couldn’t decide to pander to Wall St., the Defense Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry, Health Care conglomerates. progressives, liberals, Neo Liberals (who used to be called “Neo CONS” when they were Republican, and now scurry back to their traditional home in the DemocRAT party, where they came from), corporate media, and billionaire benefactors like George Soros, who fund flash mob, violent, disruptive, troubled individuals to target their political enemies, even if they just happen to be the American people.

The LINO GOP mole from the Republican party who hijacked the nomination by enthusiastically disavowing every position he had, in the other party, becoming, a “New Libertarian” just as Obama, was the “New Left,” and Hillary was the “New Corporatist” putting a shrill voice, and stiff demeanor behind the polices that ensure that government will prevail, and those who are nice to her and Hillary will reap profits, while the rest of us are told to “suck it up” under the crushing weight of Austerity, and Welfare Reform programs such as “Workfare” where you are a slave to a corporation who allows you to do “public service” to pay back the government for Food Stamps, you already were taxed and paid for, while you were working.

Those in debt to the banks for worthless degrees, who have creditors asking them for volumes of money they will never earn in their lifetimes, or those who got in debt from financing their homes, to create phony money for the players on Wall St…

Those in debt from medical bills, who just got their coverage eliminated, had liens put on their homes, and their benefits cut…

Those men and women in uniform, who haven’t been home for longer than two weeks for 5-10 years, and have been away so long that their kids have grown up, only to fight alongside them in hellholes like Afghanistan, and then leave. Only to come back to the previous hellhole they gave back. To fight perpetual war, and permanent battle over the same territory, to try in vain to provide civil and health services and education, to the natives, only to have those who participate, targeted for death, from their own people… and see day by day, one guy, two guys, three guys die in combat, usually by ambush, just like Vietnam.

To the police who are under siege by the media, being forced by Washington to fund themselves through revenue based law enforcement. Abusing drugs, alcohol, prostitution, running guns and in some cases children for prostitution.

To the African Americans who were left off worse after Obama. And see a woman who called them “Superpredators”  and see themselves in dead end neighborhoods, that politicians only talk about, but never dare to show their faces in cities like Milwaukee which have been run by Democrats for over 100 years.

To the men, women and children who live in these open air prisons, where even the media refuse to go…

Four more years of the same, sounds like a death sentence.

It does for the farmer who can’t compete with China and South America. Who the law requires to kill his own livestock, dump his milk into the sewer, and give his farm, his legacy not to this children but to the bank.

To the family who lost their home to foreclosure, and are living in their car. Taking showers at truck stops, and bathrooms all over the country. Teaching their kids in libraries because they don’t have a home, or school to put them in. Who lie awake at night wondering if they are going to get a ticket for “being poor in public” or for overnight parking without a permit, and can’t even stay in one place long enough to get food stamps.

For all of these people, it’s time for a change.

Where is God, where is morality, when you have a child you cannot feed, and enough clothing to last through winter.

When you are running from house to house, relative to relative, until they run out of patience, turn on you and ask you, or in some cases tell you, it’s time for you to make it on your own.

This economy has turned families against families, lovers against lovers, made parents resent their children and vice versa.

And no one and nothing can help them…

And doesn’t even care to. How can you pretend to care, when you refuse to acknowledge them, and that their hardship even exist!

Hillary is NOT the candidate for the former optimist, who has turned into a cyincal pessimist, or gone full boar, to militant nihilist.

How can you believe in a system, that doesn’t believe in you.

Makes it’s living off of you, secures that wealth in one hand, while they seize whatever YOU have left, with the other?


Do you fear al Qaeda if you have no tv, electricity, running water, and can’t even bathe yourself more than once a week?


You fear the people who see you as invisible.

A mere unfair burden and obligation the few, the proud, the privileged, will pay to be dismissed of.

Using  the money they obtain through obedience as the salve to nurture their offended pride, vanity and entitled arrogance, at the temporary sight of you.

How dare they be faced with whose stolen opportunity, they live off of.

Suddenly, here comes a man, who throws it right back at them.

Calls them out to their face, and tells you he knows that you are suffering and acknowledges your humanity, you thought you lost.

He is giving you something every time he attacks the Superclass, he is supposed to protect.

He is giving you dignity.

Hillary instead, threatens you into submission through fear. Which doesn’t work, because you live in fear, and have lived in fear, for a while now.

While she was busy serving the public, with every shady deal, camouflage contribution, and shipping arms and material and weapons to even the people she calls our greatest enemies. Be they Al Nusra, or Vladimir Putin.

At some point, you see their constant noise as irrelevant. All you care about is getting through the next day, gas in the car, food on the table, or affordable. And you either pray that you don’t lose your home or apt, or that the growing list of family and friends in need, in hardship, don’t come to your door, and drag you down with them.

Eight years of Corporatist Neo-Liberalism has turned our country inside out, to where some illegal immigrants are leaving the US for South America. When the subsidies run out, they run…

But for the HS grad, without a college degree, there is the bigotry of the government dole. Where common men and women are treated like criminals, and have to inform on themselves if they do work, and even if they do, incompetence can take needed assistance away for and indefinite period of time. Such efficiency and oversight, is never extended to political campaigns, contributions, be they Bernie Sanders, or NGO’s like the Clinton Foundation that take money in from foreign nations, be they China, Ukraine, or even the next artificial boogeyman, Russia.

Whose biggest crime is that Putin, took out ISIS in 6 months, where Hillary and Obama couldn’t take them out in over 6 YEARS!

Naturally, it’s NOT the bankers, NOT the Insurance companies, that have taxed employment to the point where workers are too expensive, and automation is where the price is right, NOT the steady influx of criminals, uneducated, and even sick illegals, and now war torn refugees, while our christian nation leaves Christians to die in the most bestial manner, by sadistic radical Islamist…

No, these are NOT the direct threats to our Nation!

It’s the guy who is fighting our greatest stated enemy, that is our number 1 enemy!!!

This perversion of logic and the reversal of the meaning of human words, have given the people of the United States collective whiplash.

They don’t care about the war, they want it over. Win or lose, just OVER!

They don’t care about Wall St., they always do fine, they worry about their employer, who is under threat of going out of business, since that company isn’t a part of the cartel. The medical, military, educational/scholastic, energy, green energy, and the seed groups that feed the next generation of obedient workers who are grateful for a job, a salary, and status before they get downsized, and have to train their replacement, who went to a lesser school, and can’t even understand the language.

That person is more qualified and has a higher status, than you.

And the taxes you pay, fund them to come here, and start where you used to be able to start. With a lifestyle that is no longer attainable to you. No matter your experience, your obedience, your willingness to accept anything… taken to it’s mathematical end, where you will be made to accept nothing.

And told to go away. But still obey.

Be nice, don’t say a word, pack your shit, and go!

And if you say a word, the police will throw you out, but not before kicking your ass.

Just to demonstrate to you, where you stand NOW!

And the people who would have helped you… can’t.

They either don’t have the resources, or like you, at one time, had too much to lose.

They, like you, are forced to play Russian Roulette and praying to run out the clock, before it’s their turn to get their head blown off.

At this time. You want revenge.

You want somebody to feel the pain.

Somebody to yell at.

To hold accountable.

And give them a piece of your daily, living hell…

Welcome to the Trump voter.

We can’t make it better, we know it can only get worse.

But we also know, that we can lash out and take some of the bastards with us.

That is what you are seeing in this election.

Even if Trump loses, they will remain.

They will be angry.

And they will do whatever it takes to express their righteous indignation and anger.

Hillary knows this.

That is why she is preparing by calling the rabble “violent, radical, extremists,” while she calls the violent radical extremists on her payroll to beat and assault Trump supporters, “heroes.”

Well the dispossessed, the used up and discarded, are not going anywhere. You have backed them into a corner, and pushed them up against the wall.

They are not cowering.

They are angry and are ready to fight with self righteous indignation, and boundless determination… simply the will, to survive.

It has gotten that bad. In this country.

Our leaders have led us into the Abyss… while they enjoy Paradise, at our expense.

If Trump wins, the powerful have already said they will crash the system.


Then we have a chance to win in record time.

If Trump wins, whether he fixes things or makes them worse, the same is still possible.

Hillary is provoking a fight she thinks she can win.

Trump doesn’t see that a fight is necessary.

He instead wants to take these people and put them to work.


One person doesn’t think you have it, or deserve it.

The other, is ready to restore it. No one excluded.

That is why I, myself, and others voted for Donald J. Trump.

We are ready to make America work for us, again.

And make those who half of us work for, and the other half, who exist wanting, so the people Hillary serves, can take from us, our property, our rights, our dignity, and lock us up or kill us if we have a problem with that…. feel our wrath and reap the whirlwind…

This correction, is long overdue.

It shall come to pass…

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

In the words of Dr. King…

It shall come to pass…



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