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The Final Debate (Thank GOD!)

October 20, 2016

Hillary wanting the Supreme Court to overrule a Supreme Court ruling she doesn’t like, in Citzen’s United… means she wants the Court to bend to political (read her own) will…

Anybody who has seen “Clinton Cash” knows Hillary doesn’t let the laws on campaign finance, prevent her from taking foreign money, in violation of campaign finance laws.

Hillary wants the Supreme Court to stand up for her beliefs… and make illegal the beliefs of those she doesn’t like. Turning the Court into yet another tool to go after her political enemies… and the American people. That should scare the hell out of the 50-60 percent of people after this election who did NOT vote for her…

Hillary, a right restricted, is a privilege, not a right.

Murder is already illegal. However, legislating the right to self defense away from law abiding citizens, turns the right to (defend) liberty, property, free speech, etc. into a privilege, that can be erased by the disproportional amount of force they are using to exercise their right, over yours. Legislating self defense away, leaves one to the mercy of the criminals, while asks the police to be perfect, when even under non threatening calls, they often resort to maximum violence 1st, even in error, and ask questions later. Leaving some people willing to take a chance with the criminals, instead. That is an indictment and epic failure of the policies you advocate, and your illogical thinking in the face of conflicting evidence.

Background checks, and gun shows, are not where criminals get guns… They get them from gangs, and drug cartels, and in some cases our own government under plans that you and the Obama administration ran… continuing under W. Bush, in a most sinister showing of rare bipartisanship in government… WHY!!!

Hillary Clinton won’t speak to America sending guns to drug cartels and gangs, but wants you to believe that toddlers kill people with guns… Uhh… WHAT?!!

Hillary wants to ban guns, but take money from NRA lobbyists…

Hillary is for border security, but wants Amnesty.

She doesn’t want to send anybody back, yet also wants refugees to come in from Syria, who may or may not be al Qaeda extremists.

She wants corporate bailouts, and to pick winners and losers in the marketplace, and take money from Russia, while in the next breath, calls Putin as our biggest threat to national security. Not Al Qaeda, not ISIS, Vladimir Putin, who is using Spetznatz troops to fight ISIS, al Qaeda, and Al Nusra Front, and Ansar Al Sharia….

Russia has done the most to put ISIS into disarray in 6 months than Hillary did in 4 years… And Hillary sees Putin as the threat. Even while taking money from Russia and the Ukraine. Sounds like somebody with some major skeletons to hide from the American people.

No evidence that Russia hacked DNC

Green jobs are corporate welfare that eats up competition from small businesses that is the hallmark of government run, centrally controlled, donor financed Crony Capitalism.

Gender pay gap is a myth.

Too many people in expensive colleges mean you have a debt and employment crisis.

Hillary is advocating to make this problem WORSE. Creating more profitable debt for the bankers, and sentencing graduates to high school retail jobs, that will never allow them to pay back their debt. And own a house, or their car. Or have money for anything BUT paying debt to Hillary’s banker buddies….

Hillary wants “the healthy to pay their fair share…” does that include her husband’s foundation….???

Hillary said Obama cut the national deficit by two-thirds

… that is a LIE!

Hillary’s “investments” are tax hikes, in the middle of a Great Depression… This is Hoover policy that prolonged the Great Depression.

Obama’s stimulus plan Hillary likes was an abysmal failure of government fleecing the taxpayer… and unemployment if anything, getting WORSE!

Obama has continued adding to the debt, Hillary…

NAFTA has been a disaster for both America and Mexico, thanks to Bill and Hillary

Hillary has played both sides of the Trans Pacific Partnership bill

Hillary calls out China on steel, but advocates “free trade” that allows China to do as they wish without threat of sanctions or tariffs… again, she is having it both ways… to escape accountability.

Trump is right on Hillary’s foreign policy failures.

Hillary has been using violence against Trump supporters…

Activist Who Took Credit For Violent Chicago Protests Was On Hillary’s Payroll


BREAKING: Hillary Clinton PAID PROTESTERS to Pepper Spray Children

This man should be pardoned by Hillary. But she won’t do that….

This Man Was Charged After Committing Same Crimes as Hillary Clinton

The Clinton’s take money from countries that persecute women and kill gays.

A crisis is an opportunity to loot a broken nation, just ask the Clinton’s

Crisis, crony capitalism.

Just 5.7 Percent Of Clinton Foundation Budget Actually Went To Charitable Grants

How can you call it a charity foundation when 5% goes to charity?!!

Pot meet kettle Hillary takes same tax breaks as Trump does…

Hillary’s foreign policy schitzophrenia on display….

Trump Touts Newly-Uncovered Quote of Him Doubting Iraq War Months After It Began

Trump has been proven right on Iraq.

Even the liberal ACLU doesn’t buy Hillary’s “no fly, no buy gun” bill BS!

A no fly zone in Syria, means the US shooting down Russian jets, provoking WWIII.

Just ask our generals. Which Trump has….

Advertising when and where we are going to attack only ensures the people we kill on the ground when we bother to finally go in… are just civilians… Bravo Hillary!

Our entire policy of intervention has strengthened Iran, which we now call a big threat… Thanks Hillary!

How Iran won Bush’s Iraq War


Israel trained our number 1 enemy, Hillary…

Hillary loves intervention.

Hillary Emails Reveal True Motive for Libya Intervention

That backfires…

Why Syrian ‘Safe Zones’ Could Be Dangerous for Civilians and U.S. Policy

Hillary is the new Dr. Strangelove…

Hillary contradicts her own refugee policy…







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