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The (Last) Choice Election

October 11, 2016

So, the GOP who sees Hillary as the Devil, now find their inner Satan, and decide she can save them from the wrath of Donald Trump.

What offends them so?


Trump, if no one else, has the gall to hold the GOP establishment accountable, including Speaker Ryan. For their all talk, no action, except capitulation behind closed doors, with the opposition party, to cut this country into pieces, loot it’s resources or leave them to rot on the vine, as they take money from foreign agents, to allow them to abandon this country, it’s people and it’s plentiful resources, for that of other nations. Which the securitization of such resources, and participation of their corrupt leaders, comes at the direct cost to the American taxpayer, in unlimited amounts of money transferred, and unlimited amounts of American lives, sacrificed on the altar of Corporate hedonism, and putrid ideology.

Nationalism is wrong. Reverse racism, misogyny and misandry are in.

Core values are seen as mental and emotional defects. While absence of apathy, and ethics and morality, is seen as advanced, and the “new normal.”

Fraud is to be exalted.

Integrity is for suckers.

And they are to be punished and taxed to pay for the endless grift that lawmakers write and impose on the people, to take from the real value and wealth they produce, and give it to the unproductive.

Who pays the price?

Not the rich.

Not the cronies.


Working class, working poor, and the poor pay most of all.

Let Hillary and her GOP acolytes raise taxes.

Price the American workers who haven’t been exiled after NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT, out of their jobs, make the taxpayers who are left, who can’t afford decent lawyers or to rent crafty, shady lawmakers,  do their bidding. And create mandate after mandate to put the American taxpayer on the line for the bottom line.

No profit necessary.

Bailouts likely.

Again, the New Normal in America.

Get in debt (I mean, get an education), compete with others like you for jobs, and even machines that make your jobs obsolete, the moment you try to obtain them.

While you were in college, working your ASS off trying to get a chance at upward mobility, that our parents had…. the establishment of both parties was busy funding, with YOUR MONEY technology, and new principles, to see that you were not necessary to their bottom line.

Government mandates you pay taxes. They even made it so that you had to pay a tax, to the insurance industry, for the same crappy health care some of you had, so now, you don’t even HAVE it! And are fined if you don’t! Like the criminal in their eyes, that YOU are!

Wall St. has never been more profitable.

The last thing they want is accountability.

Hillary and Bill have made more money giving self serving speeches to Corporations and foreign governments, who compete with ours at home, than they have made in their entire long lives, in the public sector. They never held jobs for long, never created jobs. Never had to make a payroll, or run a business. All they have had to do, was the bidding of their sponsors, the wealth class. The same class they indict Trump for being a part of, while calling their graft, “in the people’s interests” as they create shell organizations to make money off of their influence in government. With the Clinton Foundation, and the Clinton Global Initiative. Neither organization, like the Fed Reserve, has been audited. Doesn’t pay taxes. Raises money from countries and dictators, who we are supposed to have under sanction, and are trying to defeat, for their favor of despotism over Democracy.

But that is ok, and somehow, Donald Trump must be audited every year, must release all of his financial information and that of his companies. Must be held to account, for anything and everything.

But the question I ask is: Compared to the Clinton’s, who has the power to turn public policy on it’s head for the American people.

All Trump wants, is his private businesses taken care of.

The Clinton’s want power,  and influence on the global stage, are willing to boldface lie, admittedly to get money which they hoard among themselves and their cronies, making the taxpayer pick up the slack.

Conduct military aggression to further those ends, all over the world, Libya the most recent example. And the consequences of such, endanger the ENTIRE WORLD as a result. Meanwhile, if you dare to point this out, the Corporate media will come for you, and your scalp, even if you are one of them, like Donald Trump.

This implication, frightens me more than anything Trump as one small man, can possibly do, or has done.

Trump can’t do wars for his own profit.

Is he gonna bomb India to install a casino?


But Hillary can overthrow a government, under “humanitarian reasoning,” kill indiscriminately. Destroy water facilities, grain factories, just like Bill did in Iraq, in the name of punishing Saddam Hussein.

It should be noted that Bill’s actions, punished the people who tried to remove Hussein, just like when George HW Bush said the Iraqi people and military should rise up, to overthrow Saddam, yes, the same people we left in tatters, after the war, only to see Saddam, our guy in Iraq, who we saved during the eight year Iran-Iraq war, use his military, we funded, armed, and trained, and preserved. Against his own people, who listened to America, and were tortured, raped, and killed for believing in America, and that we would have their back.

Dictator after dictator, the American people have propped up, trained and subsidized, even if it meant we had to unleash drugs like Crack, and Cocaine into our cities to rob our children, of their dignity, their lives, and make them resources for drug dealers in America. No matter if you are poor, middle class, or rich. If you remember the film “Traffic.”

It’s an insane foreign policy that needs to be re-examined.

In the name of security we have the Patriot Act against citizens, and open borders, and unlimited subsidies for non-citizens, while we get to deal with Austerity.

It is we, those who are left, to pay the taxes, take the obligations, who are responsible for those all over the world, to lift them up, at our expense, only to be forgotten, when we don’t have enough, to get back up.

Is this the world you want your children to live in?

A tax, instead of health care.

People in jail for not paying their bills, while multinational corporations can bribe lawmakers to put you on the hook for their losses, and privatize their profits, to be used to keep the guilty lawmakers in power, forever.

Some lawmakers have been in office for 50, even 60 years. That’s two generations, one person has had ALL of the benefits of the government taxpayer, and employed their families, put them in the best schools, and groomed them to become lawmakers, and lawyers, and investors, and even more wealthy than their patriarchs… ALL at YOUR expense.

Generations of your family members, have paid, by force of law, for the lavish lifestyles, trips, junkets, women, men, children, houses, cars, luxury items, you name it, run the gamut, so that they, can live the good life, while telling you, without them you’d have nothing. So you are too busy being scared to look down and realize, they have everything, and even took, what you had, when they started.

It’s a predatory system of governance, cannibalizing the weakest among us, for the “strong” men and women of privilege.

We vote for them, allow them to keep secrets, while nothing of us and our lives is allowed to be a secret.

We allow them to grow their wealth and be exempt from having to contribute, where if we don’t contribute enough, with our diminishing returns, we can go to jail, or be left to be strangled in Austerity.

No pension is safe. No job is safe. Even the house and car you think you own, still belongs to the bank. And can be taken at any time. And most despicable of all, this also applies to your children.

Everything you have can be taken from you at any time, for any reason. It doesn’t have to be true.

In America today, attorneys and law enforcement can hide, destroy or omit evidence to ensure a conviction. They even can deny you a right to a jury of your peers, and harrass you, intimidate you to waive your right, for a plea bargain. Making you a convict, and destroying your life. And not even protecting you, when you are in jail. And leasing you out, on contracts, for for-profit corporations, to make money for those corporations, like the slave that you are.

For non-criminals, it is debt slavery that is more effective. Your house, your car, your education, everything you have, is monetized to make the bank money, which they give a cut to the politicians. You must pay with your property, your income, your savings, your life, to keep them in business, even when they made bad investments. You get no such privilege.

Then they tell you, they are better than you, because they just are, and you came from “a bad gene pool.”

We are on our way back to the mid-evil caste system. Where people are born into wealth, and the rest of us exist to serve people of that wealth, or are irrelevant or “un-personed.” They will do this saying they value life, as they defraud their companies, merge with other companies, and invent wars to create new markets, while they abandon America, to share profits among themselves, and those nations.

Leaving us a nation of endless obligations, and no means to meet them, resulting in a permanent decline. But managed precisely, skillfully, so inconsequentially, that we don’t come to our senses, realize we have been had, and come for their necks, backs, arms, faces, toes, tongues, and heads.

They are willing to put a price on us and our children, and sadly force us to do the same. Prostituting ourselves to the people of means, just so that we may live, but one more day. Until that day comes, where they, and agents they fund with our own money, knock on our door, and tell us, we have to leave, while men with guns, ensure that we get the message that they are going to take what’s ours, and if we don’t like it, we can go to jail, or die right there in front of our family, or with our family.

For African Americans, they skip the 1st part, and let gangs do their dirty work for them, with cops to clean up the remnant of what’s left.

This model has even been introduced to the middle and upper class, with public shootings. Turning even the temporary privilege middle class, into a target rich environment. Usually with pharmaceutical drugs, pushed untested onto the American people, by for-profit drug companies… The corporations make money, the police get funding, the military gets new weapons and tactics, and resources after giving the police, the outdated stuff. And all we get to do is lose our freedom if we are lucky and our lives if we are not.

This is what it is like when a nation descends to Despotism and Fascism.

The media want you to think that Trump will transform America into a Police State, ask any poor person, we are already there.

If you steal information or money from a corporation or a bank, they will put you in prison for the rest of your life.

If a corporation does it, through the Patriot Act, the Banker Bailout Bill, and other odious bills, passed by Congress, and you have a problem with it, thanks to the “Violent, Radicalized, Homegrown Terrorism Bill, YOU go to jail. You are the suspect. YOU do the time. Your crime is not knowing your role, to be a debt slave, and carrying on, with unquestioned obedience. So they can continue their crimes and live off of you. In perpetuity, forever.

You exist to be a resource for the state, and the corporation. As the Corporation IS the state, and vice versa.

Your role is to learn how to accept being exploited. And in what role it is most profitable for you, to be exploited. And to accept being discarded, so that profit from your skill and labor can be secured, and privatized. As it is the property of the corporation to do with, as they see fit. They can grow internationally, merge, by force if necessary, buyout competition, raise prices, move their company, and even pay a fine, if found criminally negligent, and in some cases, get taxpayer dollars through bailouts, without the people’s consent, if they are knowingly criminally negligent.

Who has the access to do such theft on a grand, global scale?

Donald Trump, can only take risks with his company. He can make a profit, or a loss. He can’t make the taxpayer pay for that loss. If he doesn’t have a profit.

Government can make you, through threat of asset forfeiture\seizure, incarceration, or even death, can make you pay with everything you have, and still lock you up, if you don’t have enough. They can make relatives pay for your school debts. They can make your children pay for your credit card debts, they can harass you until you are DEAD! And harass every family member you have to the point that they WISH they were dead!

And I’m supposed to get angry at Donald Trump, for being an asshole.

Every boss I’ve had, has been an asshole. They are trained to treat people terribly. It is “Management 101.” Threaten, harass, penalize, to get maximum output with minimal resources, and fire them if you don’t make a profit, because you failed. And definitely fire them, and replace them with inexperienced workers who are cheaper, so you can pocket enough to pay for your yearly bonus, so the Manager and his wife don’t have to put up their own money for that trip to Vegas on his two week, paid vacation.

We all know this.

I have no problem that Trump makes these people scared.

He intends to hold them accountable.

Government, will be expected to justify their budget with results. Instead of being increased, with the excuses of deficits, which is a result of incompetent mismanagement.

The media will be held accountable. The libel as entertainment model, that distorts reality and allows special interest to market directly over the airwaves, to create customers, scare investors and stockholders, and create at any time, increase or decrease in the stock price, in the marketplace, will be destroyed or severely curtailed. As it should be.

The politically correct culture, that rewards lawlessness and demonizes all police as bad, protecting the bad police and penalizing the good police officers, regardless of race or gender, will be held accountable for their crimes, that have made the people less safe in their neighborhoods, and made the police hunted down, by armed madmen.

Trump at this point, is the only instrument for change. Good or bad. With Hillary we know we are getting more of the same, and it’s bad already. Are you ready for 12-16 years of what Obama Unleashed has done to this country. We are further in the hole, than we were, when W. left office. All the promises have been returned as betrayals.

And now, Hillary isn’t even promising. She is threatening. Everyone. Her own party, she even calls them “basement dwellers.” The Republicans who have been a minority for the last 8 years, she calls “Deplorable, and Irredeemable.” So, in Hillary’s world, an illegal immigrant gets rights, privileges, even immunities, at the expense of the American taxpayer, and the American taxpayer, either takes it in silence, and learns their role, below Hillary’s acolytes, and lawbreaking, unskilled ethnic minorities, with the added burden of bailouts and Austerity, ensuring that the benefits YOU paid for, as a taxpayer, are given to somebody else, and the Corporations, and vanish right when YOU need them. To stay in your house, stay in your community, stay with your family, and keep your roots planted, so that you have some legacy to leave to your children. Which gives them a step up, to upward mobility.

Hillary wants to take that step away, and leave you on the ground, and hand out steps to those for her political advantage.

The rest of us “Irredeemable, Deplorables” are expected to take it, smile, conform, take abuse from the people who live off of us, steal our wealth, and our opportunities, and make us exiles in our own country.

What hope is there for the underclass? The working poor, of all races, who will be priced out of a job, and will be unable to keep businesses afloat with their evaporated income, which Hillary sucked up with new taxes, new wars, old wars, and old demands for private and public sector bailouts. The banker bailout bill, authorized continued bailouts. I guess they knew what they were doing.

Now we have a system that cannibalizes productivity, incentivizes malfeasance and fraud, subsidizes unproductive entities, and creates new ones. ALL on the taxpayer dime. Which impoverishes them, and ensures their children, will be worse off, than their parents.

This is the result when you let the wealth class, write policy to serve itself. Even wars are fought today, to secure resources, and contracts for Fortune 500 companies, who aren’t even incorporated in America, so they don’t have to pay taxes, so more wealth can be created, secured from the American people, and shared with the politicians who made it possible.

And you are made to pay the market rate, not only for products, but now even public resources and utilities. That were funded and operated by  the taxpayer. They are seizing our assets, and reducing quality, eliminating access, and making us pay more for a lesser product, or access itself.

This is a hijacking of the principles of America.

Hillary, Obama, W. Bush, are transforming America into a Banana Republic, illegal immigrants, and immigrants all over the world, came here to escape.

As those nations were brought down, with depleted values, ethics, and business practices, so shall we.

We are not importing the best and brightest who want to be Americans. We are importing those who want to be themselves, with the same ethics, that put them in the position where they had no choice but to come here. Thinking they could get the benefits we produced and enjoyed. By virtue of our willingness to work. To create. To innovate.

The less we produce, and the more we have to spend, the quicker the decline.

This is the promise of Hillary Clinton for America.

A continuation of the model Obama installed on America.

Which was a continuation of W. Bush before him.

Bill Clinton before him…

Etc., etc…

Since the death of JFK, no American President has stood up to the Military Industrial Complex. And now has backed down to the Medical Industrial Complex, The Stock Market, Advertising, Media, Higher Education, Public Education, and even our churches, and places of worship are not immune, from checking their conscience at the door, so they can hoard all the money they can get, from people looking to them, when government, already closed the door on them. Because… they… couldn’t… pay…. for Salvation.

Everyone must pay. Every resource must be depleted. In fact the closer to depletion, the more valuable it is.

This is national suicide. And not only is Hillary dead set to continue this march to Oblivion. She wants to target and take out, ANYONE who would stop her. Even if the motive is nothing more to save themselves, and ensure their mere existence.

If you don’t know, or don’t care about this election. Fantastic!

Show me, instead that you actually got involved, and did something to help the victims of this society, and those like you, who would be next.

If you refuse to do, even that…

The very least you could do, is vote to forestall the worst that is certain to come, and give us a little while longer, before we have to make the difficult choices, and trade-offs, among ourselves and our family members, just to live…. at all…

The time is near…

The time is NOW!!!

It’s time for YOU to choose…

Do you do what you are told, and go willingly into your grave, dragging the rest of us with you… in and orderly decline.

Or do you RESIST!

And choose to gum up the works, and give us a chance for something better.

Than what is certain to continue, with Hillary…


At least Trump would have the media against him.

The Democrats against him…

The Republicans against him…

And depend on YOU…

Hillary would have the media, the government, the military, and other countries united against you…

Are you willing to take that risk…

Can you look your children in the eye and tell them you did your best to secure their freedom, and protect them from the state, that was hell bent and eradicating it.

That choice (while you still have one) belongs to you.









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