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How Are Extremists Loving Liberals Not A Threat To National Security?

October 11, 2016
Mike Doughty

“It looked to me like he was actually trying to make her feel physically threatened. I’m shocked that’s not topic no. 1 when we cut back to the anchors and pundits”

FWO:  So, how will she handle Muslim dictators who despise women, when negotiating…. on behalf of America. If she is threatened by a pissant like Donald Freaking Trump? Seriously. I respect you, Mike. No problem civilly disagreeing… but, seriously. This is Rick Lazio, all over again… It’s a bullshit tactic.. to evade accountability and responsibility for her votes, actions and in-actions… And mind you, I backed Jim Webb in the primary. I’m not happy with Donald Freaking Trump! I respect your views, but Hilary hasn’t shown me Jack Shit! And I worked for and voted for Nader twice! That is progressive. She is a militarist, corporate welfare, warfare, whore, who has milked the public sector for hundreds of millions of dollars. Yes, Trump is bad, she is just as bad. That is the problem. There is no solution. Aside from withdrawing consent, and not voting for these shitlords!

Does she look threatened here?


She’s certainly had a big hand in making sure Isis was well provided in weapons.
FWO: She was the architect of overthrowing Libya, leaving the arms depots unguarded. Guess where the weapons that were used in Benghazi came from? Yup. And she wants to start WW3 with Putin, when Russia has decimated ISIS in half the time, America has been trying to. It’s a desert, we have satellites. This isn’t hard to know where they are, and amassing hardware… The No Fly Zone in Libya, was a safe haven for ISIS, and they looted the weapons. And Hillary bragged about killing Gadhafi. Who was going off the petrodollar, for the Gold backed African Dinar. Libya had the highest gold reserves aside from the US and Britain, and was advocating a Continental currency, and health care, and financial support for all of Africa. Now look what Hillary has turned Libya into. A safe haven for well armed, terrorists, who rape, rob, and cut people’s heads off…
Comment:  Calling her a whore is pretty telling, I’m afraid.
FWO: So is this, my friend…
Comment:  Like we really believe the books written by these people who have always hated her… LOL none of it has been proven to be true.. You need to site actual sources that are true.. this has been debunked in the real press.
FWO: Confirmation bias personified. Thank You Toni Kulma
FWO: I’ll stand with Mio over Hillary every day of the week…
Comment: We can see you are a racist. Nobody here cares what you think.
FWO: If it’s racist to point out that radical Muslims are throwing gays off of buildings in ISIS territory. (Milo is gay, BTW) I have people close to me, who are gay… If you are asking me to throw them into the arms of ISIS who will kill them, torture them, and brutalize them, to “defend their religion” and have them sacrificed on the altar of political correctness (which is Milo’s entire point) I could not be prouder to be called racist, with absolutely no evidence, beyond empty, vapid, weak attempts at slander, from despicable people, such as yourself… Period, end of story…
Can we let people speak for themselves Lilllian Matlock, or did YOU appoint yourself, to speak for them… Nice Fascism there… No wonder you defend sick people like ISIS. Jesus!
Comment: All muslims are not radical islamists. 93% of all muslims everywhere do not condone acts of violence or terrorism. It was proven recently that you’re way more likely to find white supremacists as a violent threat in the United States.
FWO: So why does she want to bring in Muslim extremists here in the US
I cannot support anyone who refuses to believe this exist.

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