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Rebuttal To A TYT/SJW Triggilot!

September 21, 2016

Comment: Tyt fanboys swear that it’s republicans down voting the videos. No it’s people with some actual sense 😂

FWO: I’m not Republican. But I vote them down. When they use reason and logic to make an actual point, it would be nice. But they like vomiting tourettes syndrome, and demonizing the vast majority of people not like them. These are the same kind of people who cry for the Progressive wing of the party, but HATE Nader, and now back Clinton because Trump is the AntiChrist. Ironically rejecting the Bern movement, that was moved out, when Hillary went from the devil to the savior of not only the GOP but to TYT the Democrat party as well. With the consistency of Purell, the backbone of a wet noodle, but the anger and vitriol of a girl who just got her 1st period with cramps! Primal scream idiocy, and insults, making fun of everybody who doesn’t think like you, is the sign of a BULLY! And an unfunny one at that. Cenk used to be the voice of reason. Now, the ONLY voice of reason on the show is Jayar, and he is NEVER on the panel. Unless it’s about black people. How patronizing is that!

Response: Why are you even here then?

FWO: Because you guys need to realize when everybody is thinking the same thing, and mocks everybody who doesn’t. You are no different than the people you proclaim to despise. And are just as despicable! You should be holding Cenk’s feet to the fire, and holding him accountable for ejecting the Bernie Neverloution for the coronation of Neo Liberal GOP fascist in a pantsuit Hillary. But now the pied piper Cenk, and his angry band of triggilots… Social Just-US warriors, who pride themselves on making unfunny jokes and mocking everyone not like them… (which is… EVERYBODY!!!) has led you NOT to a productive strategy of merging together with people in a coalition Nader style, but, instead has herded you BACK into the Neo Liberal Democrat party establishment, and charging you for the(ir) privilege! And NONE of you seem to give a shit! It is DUMBFOUNDING!!!! Maybe one day you will discover reason, but not without a nudge. Unless you choose to reassure yourself through censorship, when mocking and insulting isn’t enough to mask you collective ignorance!


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