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The Rise Of Hitlery….

September 8, 2016

For the FBI director to say she was negligent with her emails, to the point where they could be hacked, means it doesn’t matter if they weren’t. She was criminally negligent… With Classified information that put practices, and intelligence agents at risk. Remember W. Bush with Valerie Plame?

A retired military officer kills Hillary calling out her criminal negligence with Classified material.

To use separate “personal” systems for communication, is a security risk. Her defense is her admission that she broke the law, and put American lives at risk.

She says she will be careful about making decisions to send troops into battle. But she just admitted she had poor judgement over Iraq….

There is NO evidence that Qaddafi was about to “massacre” his population. al Qaeda was attacking Libya. She is outright lying.

She lies and says “we did not lose a single American in (Libya).” The families of Ty Woods, Glen Doherty, and Sean Smith, would disagree with you Ms. Clinton.

“Taking that action was the right decision”

We lost an Ambassador, and 3 other Americans.

And turned Libya into a failed state, turned the Armory over to militants, which led to our consulate being attacked, and burned down… because of the actions she took and still advocates….

This woman is INSANE!!!

There IS a Civil War in Libya, just as Syria, BECAUSE you vow to overthrow Assad in Syria, like Qaddafi in Libya.

Your prescription is a healthy dose of MORE disease!!!

Why would Hillary make an agreement with Iran, if she believes they are not going to honor it?


This is incompetence!!!

“We have to distrust but verify…”

Yes, she actually said this…

What… the… FUCK!!!

We have contractors fighting wars, but we can’t trust contractors to take care of our vets?

Hillary says we have no ground troops in Syria, that is an outright lie.

Prohibit people who are on the terrorist watch list from having a gun… What could go wrong…

If we have terrorist in the USA… wouldn’t you want people to be armed to resist them, since our troops are overseas!!!

Khan’s father is Muslim Brotherhood, just like Obama… I’d say he deserves scrutiny, just like Obama does… in fact…. an ordinary citizen would be on the watch list, for coming from that region and being a member… Oh, the irony!!!

Does this bitch, have a fucking clue?!!











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