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It’s The Media Vs. The American People

September 8, 2016

Hillary’s advocate, Lauer, prefaces the interview telling Trump to “keep attacks to a minimum…”

“can the American people afford to have a leader who admits to saying things you’ll regret?” You mean Hillary’s Iraq war vote, which she now points to as evidence that “since I’ve made a mistake, I won’t do it again…” PLEASE!

“If you say inflammatory things it can provoke war” Like Hillary saying she will take on Putin for cyber-terrorism she has never proven, he was or is involved in…

Trump’s argument works because if America did secure the oil, ISIS would not have been funded…

But then if we didn’t go after Qaddafi, we’d still have an annex in Benghazi… and four Americans, including a US Ambassador, alive.

Hillary’s media is allergic to common sense.

Trump is right about Putin wanting to defeat ISIS.

He did more to degrade ISIS in two months, than America did in two years.

Lauer trying to corner Trump into being indifferent on rape in the military is sadistic, when you realize he is covering for a woman who enabled a serial rapist to repeatedly rape women, with the help of security detail, paid by taxpayers, and then his wife had the GALL to pass the crime bill, by calling black men “superpredators…”

Shame on you, Mr. Lauer…!!!


Man, Trump stood in the fire… And came out standing…

Bravo, sir!

This election is not Trump vs. Hilary…

It’s the media against the American people…

That is painfully clear at this point…




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