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What Is Not Now, And NEVER Was…

August 18, 2016

Senators were originally the states representative in government. When the Feds took that power away from government, the state legislatures had their sovereignty eliminated. This allowed the moneyed interests the ability to directly influence Senators to ignore the state legislature and the will of the states government, for the nationalist, Federalist moneyed interests, who focused on free markets and lax regulation and oversight to seize new markets and privatize any profits while putting the people on the hook for any and all losses should they fail to achieve sufficient means to satisfy their greedy ends…. in the of “We, The People” We won the Revolution then made a Constitutional Amendment to pay back the Red Coats for the cost of fighting us, as well as defeating them. The people had no say, then, or now… It was a cabal from the get go, to create ends to justify unlimited means. Make the people liable for their losses. Privatize their profits and assets and newly acquired assets stolen with the aid of the people’s resources. A country by property owners, for property owners. Where even people were property, and you had to own property to even vote. The Constitution is the biggest fraud ever perpetuated on the American people. To this day. And it is null and void. It is a violated contract that is used against you, and used to protect government and their cronies. It is an instrument of tyranny, and was designed as such from the get go. Every criticism from the Anti Federalist, that the Federalist said was impossible, has come to pass. Read it for yourselves…. We are not now, nor have ever been intended to be Democratic. We are not a Republic, that ended in 1861.

(See 26:05) 


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