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The New CEO Of “” Cenk Uygur

August 8, 2016

The revolution ends when you endorse the person you are running against… who is the opposite of everything you claim to believe… Campaign Finance Reform, targeted the grassroots and exempted the big money men. that is what you get with every government regulation, JACKASS! You are depending on congress to give itself less power… you are insane! They like the privileges, exemptions and immunities, they get from big money donors. No Democrat is gonna disarm against the GOP. It was Tony Cohelo who put the DNC in the pocket of Corporations… You think Bill is gonna quit getting a million a speech for the Clinton Foundation. WHAT DO THEY NEED THE MONEY FOR!!!! Vote Jill Stein if you believe in Bernie Sanders revolution. There is your rational choice… $ellout! Vote for the worst case… Jeez! GREAT compliment. $ellout! She’s is ruthless and breaks the law and the rules, that is what we need. You are NUTS! Cenk, a sentence ago you said Hillary being ruthless and corrupt is what we need to beat Trump, then you knock Trump for it. Wow… Gitmo is STILL OPEN JACKASS!!! Torture takes place there and in “black site’s” overseas… Red herring… where is the accountability for Obama and Clinton on that. The United Nations represents everything America stands against. Including disarming law abiding citzens. You want the guys who rape refugees in charge of this country? I don’t give a shit about a flag. I give a shit about my rights. And them not being subject to obedience. Cenk, did you sign up for the Iraq war? NOPE! YOU are a coward! You made an internet channel. Instead of fight for America! LOL! How DO women get hired at TYT. You think Mccain is a hero, the POW’s McCain and Kerry left behind would NOT agree with you… YOU ARE DESPERATE CENK!!! HOW FUCKING PATHETIC CAN YOU BE, GROVEL!!! KNEEL! SQUEAL!!!! If you are not gonna be treated fairly. why show up? Cenk, you are not just a coward, you are a loudmouth coward. How many places have you been FIRED from… not just PMSNBC! Trump is an arrogant, name caller with no substance… okay Cenk, then WHY are you impersonating him, while claiming to refute him. YOU ENDORSE HIS TACTICS…. DIPSHIT! Here in America, that’s called hypocrisy! So the Clinton Foundation didn’t scam people. Hati relief where clinton cronies got rich and left Hati in ruins wasn’t a scam! Now, will you do a comparative diatribe against Hillary… no. Because you are not just a LOSER, but a FRAUD! Now, please end your video, with a call for us to fund YOU, you fucking SCAMMER!


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