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Not Hillary, Not Trump… YOU!

August 4, 2016

IDK who America deserves more, Trump or Hillary… I almost don’t care. But Hillary has dead bodies all over her history. Even women and children. For all of Trump’s faults, who has he killed… Nobody can answer this question, or cares to… That says a lot, to me. This country deserves whatever it gets from either of these two. People will rant, yell, scream, insult, even kill, about anything and everything except what actually matters. There is a structural failure, based in belief systems and substitute belief systems that is very effective in absolving the guilty and blaming the dead. Hillary has perfected this. Maybe that acknowledgement IS her only qualification to continue to lead America’s inevitable decline…Maybe we should just give her absolute power, and wait our turn to be sacrificed on the altar of morality by the immoral, compassion of the cold hearted, empathy from those without any, and order by way of perpetual disorder in perpetuity… The older I get, the more I hate this country and it’s people. For appointing people who hate people the most, to teach us to hate each other, and sacrifice all we have, for those who had it all, at birth. While we were made to work for ours, and even not get what was promised to us, in return for the rulers, right to rule us, forever. It’s a broken contract. It was the minute they signed it in our name, without our input. The quote was:”Mr. Franklin, what have YOU GIVEN us…” NOT what We (the ACTUAL) people, created… This has been a deception from the get go. And instead of addressing it, we are going to war, over which master, gives us orders, from the owners of all that is, in this world. Humanity is weak. They believe that. And use that as justification for their right to rule. Yet we insist on proving them right. Nothing changes until WE change that. First.

Not Hillary, Not Trump… YOU!


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