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“Which STD Is Right For You?”

July 22, 2016

I support Trump vs. Clinton, like I support Herpes over AIDS. One is a nuisance, the other will surely KILL YOU… Don’t read too much into it, folks! Just sayin’ I’m still the Thomas Paine, MLK, Peter Joseph, freedom, anarchist, who needs government, or paper money, take care of people, period… guy I always have been… Just roll with it… If I agree with you 50% of the time, I still listen. Cenk on TYT has some great points, but he sabotages them with partisan ideological BS! Same as AJ. Trump says some long overdue shit, but some of his beliefs in military and police, and police state matters are wrong… But compared to Hillary, they are the moderate position… That bitch is CRAZY! Bottom line. PEOPLE take care of PEOPLE. Family takes care of family. That is all you have in this world, because NOBODY else GIVES A SHIT about YOU! You fix America by your family, then one neighborhood at at time. No demagogue, no “leader” no matter their tit size can do a GOD DAMN thing to fix your community, and your neighborhood. That is on YOU! As it should be. I can sign a piece of paper saying “Don’t do this” but if you need to survive, guess what, you are gonna fucking DO it! You won’t let your child starve, or grow up without an education. Or a work ethic to provide for themselves after you are GONE! THAT is the point! How do we make sure that our kids don’t have the same crappy lives, and sacrifices WE had… That is the true measure of society! Being on the dole, is slavery! I’ve done work for a boss and been paid. I’ve done work for shit from government I paid for with taxes, and NOT been paid. And was expected to look for a job, while I was doing it… I KNOW what slavery feels like. I KNOW what lack of opportunity and discrimination by employer feels like. I KNOW how disabled people are marginalized on the job, and made to feel worthless while on the job… And how what you make isn’t enough to pay your bills…. Hillary doesn’t care about that. She cares about the rich people with money who own her… Just look at the Clinton Foundation scandal… At least Trump will bother to look at reality and ask “Can we do better” While Hillary will ask me and you to sacrifice MORE… and for what. Bloated salaries with benefits like the caseworker I had who BRAGGED about what foreign country he was going on paid vacation to, while I had to be there, just to get FOOD STAMPS, my tax dollars ALREADY paid for!!! Go on, ASK me why I support Trump over Hillary and the GOP retread Johnson. THREATEN me all you like. All you big government worshipers GOT is profanity and threats… Just like Cenk Ugyur at TYT. But THAT doesn’t help a person in need… It just is a self justification as to why, they got theirs and the HELL with YOU! Ask me why I don’t support Hillary, I fucking DARE you!


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