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Amateurs… Using The Tricks Of The People They “Hate” To Make A Living Off Of Their Useful (Profitable) IDIOTS! (Don’t Be An Idiot, Folks!)

July 22, 2016

What do you call it when two media WHORES fight on camera… An ORGY! LOL! LOL! LOL! — I think Cenk was drunk. He was drunk in an earlier convention wrap up video. Can’t keep his eyes open. Look straight into the camera. Slurred speech. Of course if I had to fuck Ana(L) I’d have to be in that state TOO! Iadarola, just sat there like a deer. And Mankiewicz couldn’t even look at either of them. I’d be embarrassed if he was my boss too, Ben.

Thank you AJ and Roger for a hilarious birthday present for my 36th… Unbelievable. I’m crying I’m laughing so hard…! OMFG!!!

Honestly, this seems STAGED like a MOTHERFUCKER!!! Would NOT surprise me if Cenk and AJ made a deal. AJ gets to rally his troops, Cenk gets to seem like he is a badass after Bernie’s betrayal capitulation to Hillary just neutered his audience… This gives those fucks a reason to run back to the Cenk libtard plantation. This is a cry for relevance for Cenk. I CALL BULLSHIT! Alex LOVES to stir the SHIT! I’m NOT buying this for one GOD DAMN second… Talk about an Inside JOB! This is all but scripted. Especially Ana(L) trying to seem like a badass. PLEASE! This is Cenk trying like Poppy, to use AJ to get rid of his “wimp factor” now that his gravy train Bernie, has DERAILED…. BS! BS! BS!

Cenk is just pissed everything he’s trying to do. AJ has already DONE! And way better…. AJ has a radio show, a podcast, a store of movies, books, etc… that is VERY profitable… Cenk has a INTERNET YouTube channel, and can’t even get people to subscribe, and buy his CRAPPY knock off T-shirts… No wonder he hates Jones. You think an obscure theater actor likes busing tables half the time, while Brad Pitt gets Millions for a day’s work… I get the anger Cenk. But it just makes you look like the poseur, wanna be badass, like Jones, that you tried to be here… and you just aint got it, brother… God bless Ben for being disgusted by this. And I noticed that resident Smartass Iadarola, was silent… through the whole thing. Apparently he can’t talk without a script. And just stands there like furniture without a TeLePROMPTeR… just like his buddy Donald TRUMP! Fucking EMBARRASSING….
 You AREN’T FOX NEWS, you AREN’T ON PMSNBC, you are on the fucking INTERNET, Jackass! Might as well be your living room… Please!
“A much larger audience,” shit, you ARE drunk!
Juanita Broaddrick on NBC was propaganda… OMG! A rape apologist!
ALL MSM are paid LIARS! YOU made MILLIONS to FAIL at it, and fund this YOUTUBE show.
A guy with a multimilliondollar media empire NEEDS a internet channel… that doesn’t even register on, OMFG! ROTFLMGDMFAO!
Question : When did screaming profanity become a rational argument IDIOTS!
You said the DNC conspired against Bernie, DUMBASS! Is that TRUE, or BS!
AAAnndd…. HERE COMES THE MONEY SHOT WHERE HE BEGS YOU FOR MONEY SO GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING PREDICTABLE!!!! Do you SEE what this IS!!!! DO you!!! How transparent does a motherfucker have to be!!! — You are a horseshit capitalist Cenk….
“in the immortal word’s…” of a fucking COMEDIAN!!! OMG! (The guy who placed BOTH hands on Howard Stern’s Ass Cheeks for the “Fartman” MTV Awards skit, re-enactment in the film “Private Parts” … REALLY!!!)
Cenk if screaming profanity is your idea of objective… that speaks for itself… You have Jumped the Motherfucking Shark, and then fucking ATE it… This is your Waterloo…. Fucking Embarrassment… You are a partisan HACK, just like Jones, calling yourself a journalist, and BEGGING people for money, to save yourself from their everyday hardships… FUCK YOU, Sir! And your crew of whores on your payroll. Mental or physical… Makes NO difference… No wonder you need all that money for an INTERNET channel to fund your BS, ass kissing MSM, lifestyle… JUST LIKE JONES!!! And now the circle is complete… You have been played, folks… !!!
AJ admits he and Cenk staged this…
This feels staged like a motherfucker… Why would AJ help Cenk? Cenk was begging for money after this… Why not just ignore him and let him die under the unprofitable weight of his own BS! There is more to this story.
The only valid reason the “RAPE” shirt triggered Cenk, is because he was raped. It’s not as far fetched as you may think. He IS Turkish… Just ask Lawrence of Arabia about how the Turks treat men…


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